Thanksgiving Do-it-Yourself

We all know the turkey is the STAR of Thanksgiving, and even though that “puppet” above is do-it-yourself, lol, I was thinking of something a little more grownup. The first offering is painted mason jars. (Seems you can use mason jars for every holiday there is!)

They make a wonderful grouping, require little skill (being able to paint and glue) and they look awesome! If you’d like step by step instructions, please visit

The second offering is also pumpkins, but these require certain skills.

This is from: A slice is cut from a log (the skilled part). Then apply paint to nearly the edges. The “stem” is a 2 1/2 inch piece of thin wood glued to the back of the wood slice. Spray stiffener (starch) or mod podge can be applied to burlap, and then when dry, leaves can be cut from that. Spray the stiffener on thick jute to create the curlicue. (Wrap the jute around a thick dowel, apply the stiffener and allow to dry before sliding it off the dowel.) Glue in place.

The last offering is a “reclaimed” project that I adore!

When I saw the pilgrim pair, I remembered I had 2 wooden candle holders in a box in my basement. But they could be found at flea markets and yard sales. The heads are 2 inch wooden doll heads (Hobby Lobby $1.99 each). The hat is a reclaimed wooden napkin ring and a wooden disk (Hobby Lobby $.29 each). The collars and the lady’s hat brim are white foam remnants.

There are 2 ways to approach this project: glue the wooden pieces together before painting OR paint the pieces first and glue second.

The directions say to first remove the metal insert in the candle holders or bend them inward. Mine did not have them at all. He then glued his pieces together.

He painted the pilgrims next, allowed them to dry, and cut out the foam pieces. Then he glued the foam pieces on and viola, they’re done! Easy peasy!

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  1. Morning All!
    I just finished my pilgrim pair yesterday…and i would add a step. my doll heads were completely round–which worked well for the female. but the male? i think his head should be sanded flat somewhat on the top to allow the hat to sit more naturally on the head. I might try to remove the hat and sand the head later today.

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          1. near the end of my dad’s life, they had a hospital bed in the living room for him and my mom, not wanting to leave his side, slept in her recliner next to him. now–many many years later, that’s still where she sleeps.

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              1. we bought one of those sleep number beds–1. because we like really different firmness levels and 2. hubby snores sometimes. we can adjust the head of the bed–not by much, but it’s the “snore” setting…and he doesn’t snore

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              2. HB and SIL had one of those, too – same issue – his snoring. Me, I can sleep danged near anywhere. If I’m really tired out, I’ll go to sleep in one position and wake up in the exact same position, without having moved all night. When I was in basic training, the other gals were jealous! I could sleep in my bunk, get up and only have to pull up and tighten one corner, whereas they had to completely re-make their beds every day. Tight enough that a quarter will bounce! Yeah!

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              3. Yeah, dramatic changes – heat or cold – will interfere with my sleep but I slept in tack rooms on hay bales now and then when I was on the track. I’ve only recently stopped turning on my fan at night….when I do make it to my bed….down to 23 outside now! Just starting to see the sun coming up in the east – that wonderful peach/pink color with the gradually lightening blue…..glad to be changing the clocks so it’s not dark so late in the morning.

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        1. Doesn’t surprise me at all. You wouldn’t believe the push-back I got when I got out of the Army and chose NOT to go into civil service. I knew I was one of the few who had real morals and principles and would end up doing a bunch of other peoples’ work as well as mine.

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  4. from tcth
    Feisty Hayseed
    November 5, 2022 1:16 am

    Shutting down Coal Fired Power Plants across America and replace them with Wind Generation?

    Joe Biden celebrates coal plant workers losing their jobs.

    “We’re going to be shutting these plants down all across America.”

    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 4, 2022

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  5. EXCERPT: “Summary — Chris and others need to explain to us why not a single one of the vaccine supporters will engage in a scientific discussion with the people that they attack.

    Chris: I’m attacking your reputation but I’m willing to have a public recorded discussion with you about it if you disagree. You are attacking Aseem’s reputation. Are you willing to have a public discussion with him?

    Please watch our new video and give it a like and spread the word. Twitter doesn’t want you to view this so they are heavily censoring it:

    Our billboards (yes there is more than one) go up outside of CDC headquarters on Tues. I can’t wait.”

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  6. EXCERPT: “Not Just Twitter: This Tsunami of Tech Layoffs Could Soon Be the Largest We Have Ever Seen”

    There’s a reason Elon Musk took out half of the staff at his newly acquired social network. That reason is spreading across Silicon Valley. This is starting to look like 2008 all over again. For years, the tech industry was the strongest part of the U.S. economy by a wide margin. The largest tech firms were raking in billions upon billions of dollars in revenue and their stock prices soared to unprecedented levels. But now the tech industry has suddenly fallen on difficult times. Many large tech companies are laying off huge numbers of workers, and we are being warned that even more layoffs are ahead. If the most prosperous sector of our economy is experiencing this much trouble already, what is the outlook for the rest of the economy as we head into 2023?

    As I write this article, the layoffs that Elon Musk is conducting at Twitter are making headlines all over the planet. It is being reported that approximately half of all Twitter workers could lose their jobs, and the widespread layoffs are apparently happening “in departments across the company”…
    Sadly, Twitter is not alone. Lots of other large tech companies are conducting mass layoffs, and in each case the current economic climate is being blamed. For example, Lyft has announced that it will be laying off 13 percent of its workforce…
    And it is being reported that Chime will be letting 12 percent of their workers go……Not to be outdone, 18 percent of Opendoor’s workforce is about to get the axe…In other cases, we are seeing companies that seemed to be doing really well let workers go. As I discussed yesterday, Stripe has decided to “let go of 14% of its staff”…..Meanwhile, we have also just learned that Dapper Labs will be reducing the size of their workforce by 22 percent…..According to Reuters, Morgan Stanley is gearing up for “a fresh round of layoffs”…
    Hopefully your job is safe, because I believe that we will eventually see millions of Americans lose their jobs during this new economic downturn. We are truly moving into unprecedented territory, but unfortunately most Americans simply do not understand what is ahead.

    A lot of people seem to think that we will have some sort of a mild recession and then things will get back to normal. I wish that was true. Unfortunately, a day of reckoning is now upon us, and countless numbers of our fellow Americans are about to have their lives completely turned upside down.”

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  7. I’m watching Tucker’s show now – he talked about this last night:

    Entire Article @ TheBlaze: “NBC News was criticized heavily after first publishing a report with new information about the attack on Paul Pelosi, then pulling that report, and offering a strange rationale hours later. The husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was attacked by a man with a hammer, but the strange circumstances around the incident sparked many conspiracy theories and other speculation.

    On Friday, NBC News national correspondent Miguel Almaguer went viral with new reporting that said the victim had not told police it was an emergency when they arrived and did not step away from the assailant.

    “Sources familiar with what unfolded in the Pelosi residence [are] now revealing when officers responded to the ‘high priority call,’ they were seemingly unaware they’ve been called to the home of the Speaker of the House,” Almaguer reported.

    “After a ‘knock and announce,’ the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi,” he added. “The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home but instead began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police. It’s unclear if the 82-year-old was already injured or what his mental state was, say sources.”

    He went on to say that the suspect hit Pelosi with a hammer in full view of the police, who rushed in to tackle him as the victim fell and was found laying in a pool of his own blood.

    Very soon after, NBC pulled the report from its social media and its website. In its place, the editors left a message. “This piece has been removed from publication because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards,” it read.

    Critics pounced on the story to excoriate NBC News for the bizarre episode. “Put the conspiracies to bed already – release the 911 and body cam tapes,” responded Michael Smerconish of Sirius.

    “I mean… really?” replied Megyn Kelly.

    “This story is more of a scandal than MSM is letting on… too many inconsistencies and fake news,” tweeted author Jennifer Theriot.

    “This is getting weirder by the day. Conflicting stories left and right. We’ll never know the truth,” said another critic.

    Police arrested the suspect and identified him as 42-year-old David DePape, an illegal alien from Canada. Paul Pelosi was released from the hospital after receiving surgery for his fractured skull. The Canadian was charged with elder abuse, attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, and burglary.

    Here’s more about the NBC report:


  8. dems have produced not a democracy but an idiocracy…full of idiots…LOL
    The progressive left, embodied by the Democrat party, has decided to pursue an idiocracy, a government ruled by idiots. The idiots ruling their party leave no room for doubt that this was intentional.

    Let’s take a look at this gathering of goons and airheads. It is headed, no pun intended, by Joe Biden, the President of the United States, ostensibly the most powerful man in the world. It is apparent to all that Biden is incapable of even the most minor decision. Unless propped up by some unknown drug cocktail and aided by a multitude of teleprompters, Biden is entirely at a loss. I don’t know who has control of the nuclear arsenal, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Joe. At least I pray it is not.

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    1. okay…I gotta weigh in on the confession one. I do want a confession because I will try to forgive you–a confession tells me you know you did something to hurt me. you recognize your part in it. it honors us both. you because you admit you are wrong, me because it shows you value me enough not to hide indiscretions.

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  9. so lets station TSA at the southern border and turn those unvaxxed illegals right around!

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  10. AGREE with this sentiment soooooo much!!!

    H&HC, 2nd – 16th
    H&HC, 2nd – 16th
    November 5, 2022 8:47 am

    Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s election, the next great battle will be removing McConnell and McCarthy from leadership positions. If they survive, nothing of importance will get done.

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  11. Jason Whitlock- I feel bad for Nancy coming home to find out her husband was playing hide the hammer 🔨.

    November 4, 2020
    Jason Whitlock: “What I have to stand up and defend, I’m outraged for Nancy Pelosi. This woman has taken the hard earned money she’s made from insider trading and invested it on a pair of cans at 82-years-old and comes home to find out her husband’s playing hide the hammer with a Black Lives Matter guy! You talk about disrupting the nuclear family. The black lives matter crew must be ecstatic because this guy’s doing it and so is Paul Pelosi. I’m upset for Nancy on a pair and he’s not interested…

    …Are you suggesting that my information that she spent her money on a pair of cans, are you saying that’s bad information? I’ve seen a lot of evidence I’m feel real comfortable. She’s trying to entice her husband but he’s interested in playing hide the hammer on a Friday night with some weirdo!”

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  14. Like

  15. saw this story–daily mail i think–where someone is floating the idea that nanzi will retire from it all if dems lose next week…leaving her seat open AND that newsome might appoint nanzi’s daughter to fill the seat…
    dunno if that’s true–won’t they need an election? seems like someone wants to see if there’s outrage or support for that idea

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    1. EXCERPT: “Constitutional Provisions — The Constitution provides for vacancies in the House of Representatives in Article I, Section 2, clause 4:

      ‘When vacancies happen in the Representation from any State, the Executive Authority thereof shall issue Writs of Election to fill such Vacancies.’

      The Constitution thus requires that all House vacancies must be filled by special election. State governors—“the Executive Authority”—are authorized to issue the orders for special elections. In contrast with the Senate, there is no constitutional provision for the appointment of interim

      Scheduling Special Elections — The U.S. Code (2 U.S.C. §8a) authorizes state legislatures to provide for scheduling of special elections to fill House vacancies:

      ‘the time for holding elections in any State, District, or Territory for a Representative to fill a vacancy, whether such vacancy is caused by the death, resignation, or incapacity of a person elected, may be prescribed by the laws of the several States and Territories respectively.’

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  16. ENTIRE ARTICLE: “Twitter advertiser boycott organized by dark money Soros, Clinton, and foreign networks — A dark money outfit funded by progressive billionaires.”

    Jordan Schachtel
    16 hr ago

    The campaign to pull corporate advertising from Twitter, following its purchase by SpaceX founder Elon Musk, is being led by a network of left wing dark money activists with ties to prominent Democrat politicians and mega donors. An advocacy group formed in 2020 called Accountable Tech is organizing the pressure campaign, which has thus far succeeded in having the likes of Pfizer, Audi, General Mills, and other corporations pull their advertising expenditures from the platform.

    Accountable Tech has taken credit for organizing an “open letter” signed by dozens of progressive groups, which demanded that multinational corporations cease advertising with Twitter immediately. The far-left activist groups wrote:

    “Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter came with his promise to advertisers like you that the social network would not transform into a “free-for-all hellscape” and would remain “warm and welcoming to all.” The letter continues:

    “We, the undersigned organizations, call on you to notify Musk and publicly commit that you will cease all advertising on Twitter globally if he follows through on his plans to undermine brand safety and community standards including gutting content moderation.”

    You get the gist of it by now. The parties to this letter are attempting to force Elon Musk to revert Twitter back to its old, state-attached form. Now here’s some background on Accountable Tech.

    Accountable Tech is financed by The North Fund, a D.C. nonprofit that is controlled by Arabella Advisors. Yes, there are multiple levels of confusion and separation, and this is on purpose. But the relevant outfit here is Arabella Advisors.

    “Arabella” is a for-profit “philanthropic consulting company” founded by Clinton confidant Eric Kessler. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jesse Lehrich, another Clinton network operative, is a co-founder of Accountable Tech. The organization also employs former Clinton campaign operative Zach Praiss as its digital director.

    Arabella is considered the leading “dark money” political outfit in the United States. Yes, it’s much bigger and much more influential than the highly publicized “Koch Network.” The Arabella network shields the sources of its funding by funneling its cash and political expenditures through 501c4 non profits. However, its for-profit outfit brought in $1.7 billion in 2020, and spent $1.2 billion on the 2020 election cycle.

    Through its subsidiaries, Arabella has dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into projects such as fighting the Kavanaugh nomination and impeaching President Donald Trump. They’ve also financed the “NeverTrump” political advocacy of progressive war activist Bill Kristol.

    So who funds Arabella? Major direct and indirect Arabella donors include globalist billionaire George Soros and progressive eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, according to Politico.

    A significant chunk of the group’s cash also comes from overseas. Hansjörg Wyss, an 87 year old far-left Swiss billionaire who does not appear to be an American citizen, has given over $135 million to the fund, The New York Times reported. Nicole Gill, the co-founder of Accountable Tech, was previously a director at the Wyss-financed The Hub Project.

    With elections right around the corner, Accountable Tech is acting exactly as intended. It is a left wing intimidation machine that seeks to censor speech, with hopes to leverage a decline in advertising dollars to revert Twitter back to its pre-Musk form, as a state-sponsored machine for institutional narrative advancement and political suppression.”

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  17. manchin not happy with ultra maggot selling him out
    entire article
    Sen. Joe Manchin Saturday demanded President Biden apologize for saying coal plants “all across America” will be shut down, in a scathing statement just days before crucial midterm elections.

    “President Biden’s comments are not only outrageous and divorced from reality, they ignore the severe economic pain the American people are feeling because of rising energy costs,” Manchin, D-W.Va., said. “Comments like these are the reason the American people are losing trust in President Biden and instead believes he does not understand the need to have an all in energy policy that would keep our nation totally energy independent and secure.”

    Manchin added: “It seems his positions change depending on the audience and the politics of the day. Politicizing our nation’s energy policies would only bring higher prices and more pain for the American people.”

    Biden Friday called coal plants too expensive to operate, and said renewable forms of energy will replace them.
    President Biden and Democrats are seeking to hold onto a tenuous Senate majority in key midterms coming up Tuesday.

    “No one is building new coal plants because they can’t rely on it. Even if they have all the coal guaranteed for the rest of the existence of the plant,” Biden said.

    “So it’s going to become a wind generation,” Biden continued. “And all they’re doing is it’s going to save them a hell of a lot of money and using the same transmission line that they transmitted the coal-fired electric on, we’re going to be shutting these plants down all across America and having wind and solar power.”

    Manchin, whose state has a long history with the coal industry, has often been critical of the Biden administration on energy policy.

    But Manchin’s comments Saturday come at a remarkable time, just days before a critical midterm election in which Democrats and Republicans are in a toss-up battle for Senate control.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has been gently courting Manchin to join the GOP for years. Shortly after Republicans captured the Senate in 1994, Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., and former Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, R-Colo., abandoned the Democrats and became members of the GOP following that midterm shellacking.

    “Let me be clear, this is something the President has never said to me,” Manchin said of the Biden comments. “Being cavalier about the loss of coal jobs for men and women in West Virginia and across the country who literally put their lives on the line to help build and power this country is offensive and disgusting.

    “The President owes these incredible workers an immediate and public apology and it is time he learn a lesson that his words matter and have consequences,” Manchin said.

    The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital


  18. not only PA…but WVA as wellllllllllll…senator manchin

    November 5, 2022 13:08

    When the peons are getting antsy..they double down

    BREAKING: Biden just went to California and announced he will shut down coal plants all across America

    You hear that, PA?

    — Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) November 4, 2022

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  19. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…good idea!!!! hope this takes hold across the country

    November 5, 2022 12:32 pm

    This is likely to be many times larger than asbestos liability. I expect multiple large corporates to be forced into BK. If you own shares in a company that mandated vax, you need to be following this and many other legal paths. Once one goes to jury, the floodgates open…

    I just had my first hearing before a workers’ compensation judge on a claim for an employer-mandated vaccine injury. The judge found sufficient evidence to proceed. Trial set for January. You can’t sue Pfizer, but you can bring a claim against your employer.

    — Ben Carlisle (@BenCarlisleLaw) November 4, 2022

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