DIY: Leaf Bowls

My granddaughter and I were looking for fall crafts that we could do and I found step by step instructions on how to make a leaf bowl!  They’re gorgeous and it seems to be straightforward and fairly easy.  Then we saw the picture (near the end) of what a leaf bowl looks like in a year or two! I decided to purchase fake leaves now and save them till next year when we will attempt these!

 Here’s what you’ll need to craft a gorgeous fall leaf bowl at home:

Real fall leaves (make sure they’re still fresh and pliable as this project won’t work with leaves that are already dry) or artificial fall leaves

Balloon (or plastic mixing bowl in the size that you want to make your leaf bowl)

Mod Podge (matte or glossy—I prefer to use matte)


Large paintbrush or sponge brush

Plastic wrap (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Remove Leaf Stems

Whether you’ve chosen to use real or artificial fall leaves, your bowl will look much nicer and come together much better if you remove the leaf stems. Use scissors to cut off the stems so that only the leaf remains.

Once you’ve cut off the leaf stems, blow up a balloon to the size of your choosing. The size of the balloon will determine the size of the leaf bowl.

If you’re using artificial leaves, stick with a smaller size. The humidity in real leaves makes them stick to the balloon a lot better, even if its size is larger, but artificial leaves are a lot stiffer and they may simply slide right off if the balloon is too big.

Note: Skip this step if you’re planning on using a plastic bowl instead of a balloon as the base for your leaf bowl.

Place Balloon in Bowl

Take your inflated balloon and place it neck-down in an appropriately-sized mixing bowl to keep it in place while you go through the rest of the steps.

Add Plastic Wrap (Optional)

Because you’ll be using the balloon to create the shape of the leaf bowl, you’ll need to glue the leaves to the balloon using Mod Podge and let the Mod Podge dry before you can peel them off.

If ever you’re worried that the leaves will stay stuck or won’t peel off properly, feel free to cover the balloon in a layer of plastic wrap before you get started.

Note: This step is optional if you’re using a balloon, but if you’ve chosen to use a plastic mixing bowl to create the shape of your leaf bowl instead, cover it with plastic wrap as this will both protect your bowl and make the leaves a lot easier to peel off.

Add Mod Podge

Use a large paintbrush or sponge brush to cover some of the balloon’s surface with Mod Podge. Make sure the area you cover is larger than the leaves you’ll be using, as you’ll be layering them and will need the entire area beneath them to be covered with Mod Podge.

Cover Balloon with Leaves Press a leaf face-down onto the balloon, then cover it with Mod Podge as well.

Continue doing this until you’ve covered as much of the surface of the balloon as you wish to in order to create your bowl, covering each new leaf with more Mod Podge as you work.

If needed, brush the Mod Podge directly onto the surface of the leaf before pressing it onto the balloon.

Let Dry

When you’ve added all the leaves you wish to add and can no longer see any parts of the balloon that have been left uncovered, put away the Mod Podge and let your project dry completely before moving on to the next step.

If your leaves keep sliding down the surface of the balloon instead of staying in place while the Mod Podge dries (which will probably happen if you’re using plastic leaves), try covering the entire balloon in plastic wrap and peeling it off a little bit at a time, allowing each uncovered section to dry before uncovering the next section.

8. Peel Off Leaf Bowl

Once the entire surface of the leaves is completely dry, carefully peel the leaf bowl off the balloon and place it on a flat surface.

The Mod Podge on the inside of the bowl may still be a little wet; if that’s the case, simply let it sit for a while uncovered to allow its entire surface to dry.

Once all the Mod Podge is dry, your bowl is ready to use.


This project can work with both real and artificial leaves, and they both have advantages and disadvantages.

The first time we tried it, we used real fall leaves that had been freshly collected from the ground. Because the leaves came straight from outside, they were soft and pliable, which made them easy to craft with—especially with young kids participating.

Using real leaves also meant that this project cost us next to nothing, and it gave us an opportunity to spend time outdoors and craft with nature!

However, because the leaves were real, they did eventually go brown and lose their bright fall hues. Here is what that bowl looks like today, two years after it was made:

SOURCE: From Sacha’s website September 25, 2021 by Sacha

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  1. Morning All!
    very foggy outside from what little i can see…
    we might take a hike later today–if it’s dry enough–to see if there’s an obstruction of the waterfall further up the mountain.

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        1. Oh, a lot of thunder and lightning! Thankfully, tho, we didn’t have a lot of wind, altho I brought the hanging plants in just in case. I had just moved the Vincas from my patio to the front hanger a couple of days ago.

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  2. doj filed appeal of stay
    this is the thread from Margot Cleveland…but it doesn’t contain parts of the doj fiing so you can see what she means…
    THREAD: BREAKING DOJ filed Motion for Stay pending appeal in Eleventh Circuit.… 1/
    2/ Big mistake: Overselling your case in opener. Image
    3/ Ignores Judge’s position that she doesn’t have to trust DOJ on this conclusion. Image
    4/ This is just not a persuasive argument: that a criminal investigation is essential to identifying and mitigating national-security risks. Image
    5/ This is really what DOJ doesn’t want to do: But court required those disclosures to be consistent with protection of material. The idea it is a harm to DOJ is ridiculous–other than harm them in hiding truth or getting Trump. Image
    6/ More bad advocacy: Don’t ignore judge’s argument or mispresent–confront it head on. ImageImage
    7/Just saw this which also cuts against the “months-long delay argument.” On Tuesday, court can set steps for the classified document review. Image
    8/ Gov’t makes this point, but that President has right to have his records available cuts against claim allowing his attorney’s to review is harm to government. Image
    9/ Again, gov’t is giving Trump an easy response by continuing to push this argument: Image
    10/ This strikes me as “the lady doth protest too much.” Gov’t is pretending like Trump’s lawyers wouldn’t have right to review documents that would form basis of charges. Image
    11/11 DOJ is ignoring huge harm to both Trump & public: Trust DOJ/FBI is telling truth. Image
    Post-Twit: As the great and alive (mea culpa–motified) Professor G. Bob Blakey would say, the outcome will depend on whether the majority of the Motion’s Panel are right-knee jerk judges or left-knee jerk judges.


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  4. Spirit bear caught on camera in Michigan…never saw a blonde one before!

    According to MLive, the spirit bear has been living in the wilderness populating the state’s western Upper Peninsula. Per the outlet, the sighting marks only the fifth time a spirit bear has been confirmed outside of British Columbia. This officially makes it a one-in-a-million bear. Additionally, the sighting also signifies the first time in recorded Michigan history that a spirit bear has been confirmed.

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  5. what won’t the left try to do to kids? this time creating a sanctuary fro trans kids wanting surgery
    entire article
    On Aug. 31, the California State Senate passed a bill that, if signed into law, will give California courts “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over any child who travels to the state seeking gender transition surgeries and cross-sex hormones, regardless of which state they legally reside in.

    The bill, known as SB 107, was put forward by state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and was passed in a 30-9 vote, with “overwhelming Democratic support.” In fact, SB 107 is co-sponsored by Equality California, Planned Parenthood and Democratic Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis.

    “SB 107 ensures that California is a refuge state for trans kids,” Wiener said in a press release.

    The bill is now on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk awaiting a decision.

    “SB 107 is one of the gravest threats to parental rights in recent years,” said Jonathan Keller, president of California Family Council. “If Governor Newsom foolishly signs this measure, California should brace for lawsuits. Other states’ Attorneys General will not sit idly by as California steals children from parents who don’t want them sterilized with these trans-treatments.”

    A legal analysis by Alliance Defending Freedom, a law firm specializing in religious freedom protections, expressed additional concerns over SB 107’s custody law issues:

    “SB 107 violates parental rights protected by the U.S. Constitution by giving California courts the ability to strip parents who reside in another state of their parental rights if their child travels to California to obtain gender transition procedures—including harmful puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and irreversible surgeries,” the analysis document stated. “It also denies parents the right to have access to their child’s medical information.”

    It went on to note that the bill “would override the jurisdiction of courts in a family’s home state that are usually the proper forum for custody determinations. SB 107 could also conflict with various federal laws, including those governing which state courts have jurisdiction to determine child custody and federal laws governing extradition requirements between the states.”

    Gov. Newsom has until Sept. 30 to sign or veto the measure.

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  6. they didn’t want to make any of the public appearances and charity work required of royals, but they did want those titles…and entitlements.
    Presumably, that was the reason Harry fled the royal family, and both Harry and Meghan claimed they longed for normalcy with their kids.

    Turned out that was a load of hooey. The pair of them craved status for their kids, same as any parvenu downwind of the main royal line, despite their protestations to the contrary. That’s embarrassing. They want status as an entitlement, not an earned honor. And now that this story is out, everyone can see right through it.

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  7. from wolf’s

    Reply to RAC
    September 17, 2022 08:42

    They’re doubling down. It’s called gambling fever.

    They got nothing else.

    By the way, it is NOT an appeal. It’s an interlocutory review, and the appellate courts don’t like them. They are rarely granted. BTW, Joe diGenova says DJT’s attorneys should file a Rule 60 motion on the DoJ. It’s the criminal version of CR 11, which deals with bullshit filings by attorneys done to delay, etc.

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  8. from tcth
    September 17, 2022 8:34 am

    I don’t feel like any of the candidates here are fully on board with our movement, not even the MAGA ones. They all act as if this isn’t even happening.

    The Dutch agricultural minister has resigned
    Macron lost his parliament
    Sweden’s PM is gone
    Jacinda Ardern is set to get battered in the next election

    The fight back against globalism is well and truly on

    — Sophie Corcoran (@sophielouisecc) September 14, 2022

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  9. EXCERPT: “A new report is confirming what many have suspected for years: The Biden administration is allegedly pressuring FBI agents via top officials to “find” crimes that support the president’s “domestic extremism” talking points.

    Going back to 2021, federal law enforcement targeted parents at school board meetings as terroristic threats for speaking out. Over the course of Biden’s term, we’ve also seen top FBI and DOJ brass, including Dir. Christopher Wray and AG Merrick Garland, repeatedly assert that “domestic extremism,” specifically white supremacy, is the nation’s top threat.

    According to rank-and-file agents, though, the demand for such crimes far outstrips the supply. The report comes via The Washington Times: “The demand for White supremacy” coming from FBI headquarters “vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy,” said one agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

    This isn’t surprising. How many stories do you actually hear of real, violent white supremacist attacks in this country? No one is denying that cosplaying nazis exist and that they never commit racially motivated crimes, but their numbers are so minuscule and their threat so small that it’s extremely rare that you see a direct attack. On no planet does that add up to being the nation’s top domestic threat.

    Yet, the Biden administration has made one of its chief talking points that white supremacy and “right-wing extremism” is the preeminent threat of our time. It’s been a political boon for the White House as they seek to then paint their Republican opponents as either participants in or instigators of such ideology.

    “We are sort of the lapdogs as the actual agents doing these sorts of investigations, trying to find a crime to fit otherwise First Amendment-protected activities,” he said. “If they have a Gadsden flag and they own guns and they are mean at school board meetings, that’s probably a domestic terrorist.”

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  10. Tee-hee! EXCERPT: “Around 50 more migrants got off a bus outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington, D.C., Saturday. Three more buses also arrived in New York City, as Texas continued to pressure sanctuary cities amid a surge of migrants crossing the southern border.

    The D.C. bus carried people mostly from Venezuela, including a one-month-old baby. Aid workers quickly whisked the migrants away to a local shelter. The transports come as the immigration issue has again rocketed to the forefront of national attention after planes carrying migrants arrived in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.”

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  11. Entire Article @ AT: “Constitution Day: Liberty Once Lost May be Lost Forever
    By Scott S. Powell

    Constitution Day, which falls on September 17, is the national observance holiday that most Americans have never heard of. Yet this year, 2022, it may well be our most important holiday to understand, for almost all our most pressing national problems today are a result of corruption and departure from governance and law enforcement consistent with the Constitution. As a result, our country is threatened more now than at any time since seven southern states seceded from the Union and Civil War broke out on April 12, 1861.

    To understand the present peril, it is worth going back in time to appreciate how the Constitution was conceived as both the founding and governing instrument for the United States government.

    The War of Independence lasted five long years from 1776 to 1781, with the impoverished, underfunded, underequipped, and undertrained Continental army being mostly on the defensive. It was a miracle that this relatively small American militia could defeat Great Britain — then the most formidable military power in the world.

    The second miracle in forming the United States was the drafting of the Constitution some six years after the final and decisive military victory over the British at Yorktown in 1781. By contemporary standards, it is inconceivable how delegates from thirteen extraordinarily disparate states could muster the forbearance and magnanimity to agree on the terms of a new Constitution after only four months of deliberation. With God’s help they accomplished the impossible.

    As good as that Constitution was, it had to be ratified by the states to become the law of the land. And several states withheld support out of fear the Constitution did not protect citizens and states from the inevitable overreach and corruption of federal government power. The hold-out influential and large states — notably Virginia, New York, and Massachusetts — finally agreed to ratify the Constitution on the condition that ten amendments called the Bill of Rights would be incorporated into the final Constitution. This Bill of Rights would define and protect both the people’s natural and unalienable rights and also the separate states’ rights against the abuse of federal government power.

    The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were revolutionary political doctrines because they clearly delineated citizens’ rights and established that these rights came from God and not the state. These rights being then sovereign and unalienable made the people in charge and government’s role subordinate — not the other way around.

    Another aspect of the Constitution was that it limited government abuse by creating checks and balances of power between three separate branches of government — the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. Another mechanism of check in the Constitution was also to delineate power to be exercised between the federal and state governing authorities.

    Frequent elections established by the Constitution provided yet another important mechanism to limit the extent and duration of government incompetence and corruption. This also meant that the most sacred responsibility of citizenship established by the Constitution was and is the right of the people to vote and decide who shall govern.

    This combination of limiting governmental power and maximizing peoples’ rights makes the U.S. Constitution unique — the longest-running constitutional democratic republic in human history.

    Nevertheless, when determined and dishonest people manipulate elections to fix outcomes to install people who can be compromised or to determine who gets power, any constitution can be fundamentally undermined and circumvented, causing disaster for the people.

    We can now see the results of political corruption that has undermined the Constitution all around us, the scope of which we have never seen before in America’s 239-year history:

    – a record number of undocumented and illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists pouring over our southern border daily.
    – the defunding of police and wholesale increase in crime.
    – the loss of energy independence.
    – runaway inflation.
    – The inexplicable turnover of $80 billion in advanced U.S. military equipment to our terrorist enemy, the Taliban, in Afghanistan.
    – the censorship and deplatforming of independent voices in the legacy and social media.
    – the increase of government control of media narratives.
    – the political weaponization of law enforcement agencies against people protesting school boards, questioning election integrity, or researching the patterns of vote fraud and polling irregularities.

    How can anyone not see that this outcome is anything other than an orchestrated effort to subvert and destroy the Constitutional Republic of America?

    The Constitution makes it clear that everyone — whether in the public or private sector — is equal before the law. Additionally, every elected federal government officeholder, judicial appointee, and executive branch cabinet secretary is required to pledge an oath before assuming office, to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

    Yet today everyone can see that application and compliance with the law is blatantly unequal and has become so bad that our country resembles a banana republic. And the betrayal of the oath of office appears to be widespread in our government and crosses party lines.

    President Trump’s personal residence at Mar-a-Lago was raided by the FBI for alleged possession of classified documents. But President Barack Obama and quid-pro-quo Hillary Clinton never had their personal residences raided, although we learned directly from then-FBI director James Comey, that the unsecure inter net server located at Hillary’s residence with full knowledge of Barack Obama (who communicated with Hillary with a decoy email address) had classified information passing through it.

    Now let’s face our present predicament with the present White House resident and president, Joe Biden. He is blatantly and willfully violating the oath of office that he swore to uphold, violating the very First Amendment which is the most important because it protects all the others. The First Amendment specifically gives the right to free speech and “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Biden has not only breached this right of the people but has done it in a manner that no prior president has done — announcing he would even amp it up on prime-time national television.

    In his September 1st speech, staged for effect in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, complete with a blood-red backdrop, the flanking of military guards, and a delivery reminiscent of Hitler’s militant gestures at the Third Reich podium, Biden repeatedly disparaged supporters of Donald Trump’s MAGA movement — that represents about half the voting population of the United States. His condemnation of anyone who questioned the honesty and legitimacy of the 2020 elections — even suggesting that such people are “threats to democracy” — revealed his handlers’ panic about the 2020 election fraud discovery evidence, which — being collected for nearly two years — is now copious and undeniable.

    About a week later on September 9, Biden delivered on his threat. Biden’s Justice Department served thirty-five people considered close to Trump and his MAGA movement, requesting documents and communication dating from a month before the 2020 election until a month or two months after the election. The specific search is targeted at discovery regarding all people falling into such categories as alternate electors, fundraising around election irregularities and the January 6 Capitol protest.

    The unconstitutional intimidation tactics have continued. On September 14, Mike Lindell, aka the Pillow-man whose cause celebre is the restoration of honest elections, was tracked down and boxed in a restaurant parking lot by three FBI vehicles, served with a search warrant, and then had his cellphone seized. The following day, a colleague of Lindell, Dr. Douglas G. Frank, a Ph.D. a scientist in electrochemistry who has developed expertise in algorithm modeling pertaining to voting machines — and who has been traveling the country to scientifically demonstrate how those said electronic machines can be repeatedly and remotely manipulated to flip votes — experienced the same fate as Lindell. On September 15, the day after Lindell’s apprehension by the FBI, he was also served with an FBI warrant and had his cell phone seized.

    Now, as people have digested the unprecedented FBI raid on President Trump’s personal residence at Mar-a-Lago and all the subsequent FBI harassment and raids, what do we the people do about this unparalleled abuse of Executive Office and Justice Department power? Many who find this shocking are also confronted with a realization that we now have more in common with banana republics than constitutional democracies and that we are too close for comfort to completely losing this country to arbitrary rule and tyranny.

    The patriots’ answer must be to keep perspective, avoid any temptation or inclination to take up arms, overcome and wait out every false flag October surprise, volunteer to help get the vote out, demand that elections be held no matter what, serve to monitor vote counting at the polling places, and show up to vote in overwhelming numbers on November 8.”

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  12. Good Morning! Happy Caturday …

    Saw this earlier … unusual …

    Ice Eggs –

    This rare phenomenon occurs when ice is rolled over by wind and water (Northern Finland)

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      1. Ice eggs … who would have thunk ? Some of Mother Nature’s ‘crafts’ … love the leaf bowl, which seems to replicate the fallin leaves landing and dancing! TY for sharing … and most of all for smiling so Bigly!

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  13. Entire Article @ BasedUnderground: “The US Army has a major recruiting problem and can’t find enough young people who meet the basic requirements to enlist, according to Army Times.

    Lt. Gen. Maria Gervais, second in command for Army Training and Doctrine Command, sounded off Thursday about the troubling developments. She highlighted disqualification rates for potential recruits jumped from 30-40% (pre-Covid) to a whopping 70% this year due to obesity, low test scores, and/or drug use.

    Gervais pointed out the service has experienced a “nosedive” in recruits since July 2021. She explained Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) scores were 10% lower during the virus pandemic in 2020-21. That figure has since increased to 13% for the most recent high school graduating class.

    Perhaps America’s youth was dumbed down during Covid with at-home schooling via daily video conferences. The latest Education Department data confirm reading and math scores plummeted. Maybe those kids were playing too many video games or trading ‘meme stocks’ or posting useless videos on TikTok during the pandemic instead of opening a book and learning something valuable.

    Besides failing to meet academic standards, obesity was another driver of higher disqualification rates. Also, increasing drug use among youngsters didn’t help. The challenges of today’s youth put combat preparedness in question as liberal war hawks are determined to spark World War III in Ukraine and or in the Taiwan Strait.

    Gen. Joseph Martin, vice chief of staff for the Army, warned in July that the recruitment goal for 2022 could be slashed by a quarter. He said the total size of the Army (including active and reserve components) will decrease by 10,000 troops this year and between 14,000 and 21,000 in 2023.

    Perhaps lowering the standards to meet targets is a question the service should ponder. Even though the quality is more important than quantity, in tumultuous periods like today, where the world is shifting from a unipolar world to a multipolar world, conflicts tend to ignite — and the US — one who has overseen the unipolar world for decades — will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to maintain the status quo.

    At least the youth have one thing going for them: obsession with violent video games has desensitized an entire generation to all sorts of violence where war might not be a big shock. Remember, the service’s recruitment crisis has been an ongoing issue but has worsened in the last few years. We pointed out it’s “another signal of declining support for the federal government and its institutions.”

    Maybe because the military has gotten too ‘woke‘? You know the saying: “go woke, go broke” — this can also happen to empires…

    The shrinking pool of eligible youth due to obesity, low test scores, or drug use should be a national security threat to US health and security.”

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  14. interesting take on the SM/documents…
    from tcth

    September 17, 2022 10:06 am
    Reply to sync

    The SM has two conflicting claims to adjudicate (maybe even three): The DoJ is contending that the documents are classified, always were classified and will always be classified, no matter if Trump declassified them during his presidency. The Trump team is undoubtedly claiming first that Trump declassified the documents prior to the end of his presidency, and second that because of his lawsuit against Hillary et al, these declassified documents are Attorney-Client privileged documents that the Government cannot possess. Sundance has expounded on this recently stating that it was a brilliant approach to preventing the DoJ from stealing back all of the documents from the Crossfire Hurricane corruption within the DoJ, FBI and the IC.


  15. Entire Article @ TheBlaze: “Kanye West ended his relationship with the Gap and said that he will be able to manufacture his clothing line in the U.S. West, who goes by Ye, appeared on CNBC and explained why the deal ended.

    “It was always a dream of mine to be at the Gap and to bring the best product possible to the masses, and I always talked to them about doing products for $20 like the best product in the world, designed at the same level as the top fashion houses in the world, at $20 for the people,” said West.

    “Obviously there’s always struggles and back-and-forth when you’re trying to build something new and integrate teams,” he added. West said that the company would ignore him and not collaborate enough on the collection he gave them. Among the reasons he said the deal ended was that he wanted to bring industry back to America.

    “There’s a lot of stuff where they have a lot of commitments to China. We wanted to do localized manufacturing which is completely possible with some of the factories that I’m buying here in California,” he explained. “We can actually bring industry back to America,” West said.

    “I feel like in a lot of ways Europe has been the head of prestige with the luxury brands and luxury vehicles, and China has been ahead of manufacturing, but America, we invented rock’n’roll, we are the youngest startup ever, America itself,” he concluded.

    West was excoriated by many in the media when he wore a Trump campaign hat and met with then-President Donald Trump. He later said that he was not necessarily a supporter of Trump but that he wanted to reach out to him and bring people together.

    “Everyone knows that I’m the leader, I’m the king,” Ye added. “A king can’t live in someone else’s castle. A king has to make his own castle.” Shares for the Gap dropped by 4% after the news.

    Here’s a portion of West’s appearance:

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        1. when i worked in the factory, we didn’t belong to the ILGWA..we had our own little union–our dues were $1.25 a MONTH…but they fought for us–raises, pensions…
          I took a turn at president for 2 years…we didn’t get salaries for being officers–we collected the dues so if anyone got sick, they got a small check from the union–or flowers for funerals

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  16. just got back in from helping hubby restack the waterfall rocks…it’s bone dry behind the rocks. we’re going to have to hike a bit up the mountain to see if there’s any fallen trees redirecting the water. it wouldn’t necessarily be running now, but those 3 days of rain should have seen some water.
    the area in front of the waterfall now has grass growing…that’s not good…

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  17. still calling out the hypocrites!!!!

    Chadwick Moore on Martha’s Vineyard liberals:

    “If this had been 50 white Ukrainians they would’ve thrown a parade, they would’ve been lining up to adopt them… They are extremely racist human beings… They don’t want people who don’t look like them in their vacation homes”

    — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) September 17, 2022

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        1. In the Heydon Music video that D posts every day, they checked AirBNB and with a realtor – there are at least 1K houses sitting empty either for sale or summer rentals in Martha’s Vineyard. They’ve got plenty of housing!!!!

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          1. they do! one article states that they routinely house 150,000 over the summer season but that is ending…so they can staff and maintain housekeeping and restaurants for 150,000 but 50 (!!) and they’re overwhelmed? BULLSHIT

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  18. It has turned into a lovely day. Clouds have all cleared off, a little breezy, sunshine, temp up to 76. I just picked the biggest cuke yet – just over 15″ long!!!! All from 2 volunteer plants……amazing! There are several more yet as well as several on the cukes in the barrel. They will like the cooler weather, I expect.

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  19. The Bee:

    The people of Martha’s Vineyard are facing a border crisis, with immigrants being shipped in from Florida by the planeload. But the fine people of the wealthy community have come up with some unique and innovative ways of handling the crisis. Here are the 9 steps they are taking to solve the issue:

    1. Building a wall – A big, beautiful wall.

    2. Deporting people who are there illegally – They’ve already been shipped out by bus. Smart!

    3. Employing mounted border patrol to whip migrants away – It’s not humane, but it is effective.

    4. Firing cans of tear gas – This was Obama’s idea.

    5. Pulling down their “Immigrants are welcome here” signs and replacing with ones that say “Go away or we will taunt you a second time.” – Just to avoid any confusion!

    6. Putting the migrants to work on the hedges and baseboards – If you can’t deport ’em, employ ’em!

    7. Building cages for the migrant kids – Gotta separate them from their parents for processing, of course.

    8. Declaring a border crisis and calling in the military – It’s time to get tough!

    9. Reminding people that there are legal paths to citizenship and that having a strong immigration policy is not the same thing as hating other cultures – A unique take no one has ever thought of before.

    Really smart ideas, wealthy liberal elites! We should think about using these tactics on our other border…

    MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MA — This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew 50 migrants to an affluent island in Massachusetts to highlight the struggles of border states whose resources are buckling amid soaring numbers of undocumented immigrants. Progressives have labeled the action as “cruel” and “heartless,” but when California governor Gavin Newsom volunteered asylum for the migrants in his own state, they declined the offer since they had only recently escaped a collapsing communist state without electricity.

    “I don’t like bullies, and Florida governor Ron DeSantis is bullying these migrants by not welcoming them! We in California believe a nation of immigrants draws its strength from more immigrants – come to the sunshine state and we will house you, clothe you, and feed you.” Newsom spoke out in a video message from his home after the events of the week, pledging that there was “no limit” to how high he would tax other people to pay for the migrants’ livelihoods but also clarifying that he would not be able to help personally.

    While the migrants have heard the message, they have already voiced their intent to avoid California to reporters, speaking out about the harrowing circumstances they had escaped: skyrocketing inflation, a demolished economy, and obvious corruption at the highest levels of government. The migrants say that California’s trash-littered sidewalks, water shortages, and electrical outages bear too much resemblance to the Venezuela they left behind for it to be a desirable destination.

    One of Governor Newsom’s PACs, Robbing California Citizens To Fund Our Voter Base, has posted a press release condemning the migrants for the comparison. “To compare California to Venezuela is disingenuous, and these narrow-minded migrants should be ashamed. They come from a nation where business is stifled by overregulation and state interference, a one-party system has ruled for decades with a compliant state media to tout its success while cities burn, and citizens struggling to pay for gas, food, and other necessities – this is nothing like California. For this disrespect, we call for their immediate deportation to the ‘greener pastures’ of Florida that they seek so much, with plans for them to be re-imported for votes during election seasons.”

    At publishing time, Newsom had reiterated his offer in a video at his $5 million home, gesturing to the plentiful electricity around him, but migrants have said that this reminds them too much of the opulence enjoyed by Chavez and then Maduro while they wreaked havoc on the nation.

    WASHINGTON, DC — The situation of migrants being transported throughout the United States escalated even further today as Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to the media and officially declared a crisis at the border surrounding her residence in Washington, D.C.

    “There is now a serious border crisis. Not at our southern border, which is completely secure. I’m referring to the border around my own property,” Vice President Harris said in her statement. “My home is now under siege, surrounded by foreign nationals attempting to circumvent our laws and invade my estate. This is simply unacceptable and must be addressed.”

    The Vice President has already ensured the high-security fence around her home is in good condition and has instructed her Secret Service detail to perform routine, armed patrols of the property’s perimeter to maintain strict border security from the busloads of migrants being dropped off outside.

    When asked about allegations of hypocrisy regarding declaring a border crisis at her home while saying the nation’s southern border is secure, the Vice President had this to say: “We understand that time and space are things that cannot be understood. To move forward, we look to the past and hold onto the hope for tomorrow. We have knowledge that isn’t knowable, and we know that. Now get these people away from my house.”

    At publishing time, the Vice President’s staff was already working on a plan to have the bused migrants removed from the area surrounding her residence and transported back to small, ill-equipped towns along the southern border. When asked why border towns should be expected to withstand the ongoing onslaught of migrants, Harris simply threw her head back and cackled maniacally before telling the press that addressing the border problems is not the job of the Border Czar.

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    1. MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MA — In the wake of the arrival of scores of migrants on the island, Barack & Michelle Obama gave orders to their staff to immediately begin construction of new cages to house the influx of foreign nationals at their luxurious Matha’s Vineyard estate.

      “It’s a tried and true method that we’ve had success with in the past,” President Obama was overheard telling the construction crew. “We want to make these incoming migrants feel just as welcome as the hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the southern border, which means they will be kept in cages built by me, obviously.”

      Though the wealthy Martha’s Vineyard population seemed troubled to suddenly have to deal with the type of problems normally reserved for the common folk of the United States, the Obamas welcomed the opportunity to have more cheap labor around their palatial grounds. “It’s so hard to find good help these days,” Michelle Obama sighed during her morning inspection of the landscaping. “Having a regular influx of house servants may actually work in our favor.”

      Some of the Obama staff privately expressed security concerns about the incoming migrants, but the former president put them at ease by reminding them that he can order a deadly drone strike at any moment.

      At publishing time, other Martha’s Vineyard residents who heard about the construction of the cages were already raising questions about potential human rights violations and preemptively placing the blame for the cages squarely on the shoulders of Donald Trump.

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  20. I. AM.SHOCKED.
    ultra maggot’s diversity director is a RACIST….who could have guessed that? he has a STELLAR list of hires!
    That’s why it’s no surprise that the person selected to head up the Diversity Division in our newly woke Department of Defense is a bona fide racist. Now, she’s under investigation for her anti-White past.

    The U.S. Department of Defense said it was “reviewing” a “woke” diversity chief after Fox News Digital found that she posted disparaging posts about White people on Twitter.

    The chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), Kelisa Wing, described herself on Twitter as a “woke administrator” and said she was “exhausted at these white folx in [professional development] sessions.”

    A spokesperson at DOD, Cmdr. Nicole Schwegman, said, “We are aware of news reports concerning an official at DoDEA. The office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness is reviewing this matter.”

    “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts in… [DoDEA] are an important part of building and sustaining an organizational culture where all students, educators, and staff are valued and respected,” the spokesperson said. “Our focus remains on ensuring military-connected students, their families, and our employees have equitable access to opportunities and resources that support student achievement and readiness for college and careers.”

    Wing’s Twitter and her LinkedIn account appeared to be deleted or deactivated. Fox News Digital previously downloaded a copy of her professional account profile. It indicated she worked at the DOD for 16 years and was promoted to DEI chief in December 2021.


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  22. tcth

    September 17, 2022 3:20 pm


    I have great lawyers and legal teams, working closely together, to guard against the Greatest Witch Hunt of all times. Many lawyers want to come on board. Prosecutorial misconduct and Weaponization, the likes of which has never been seen before, is taking place at many different Radical left Democrat levels. I don’t know how much more our Country will be willing to withstand? We are living in a very angry and troubled failing Nation. We are, indeed, a Nation in decline!!!

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  23. EXCERPT: “The U.S. military just told it’s own soldiers to use food stamps to keep their families fed during this ongoing period of high inflation, caused by the Biden regime’s own flawed economic analysis, coupled with the establishment’s COVID-19 lockdowns, and the war in Ukraine.

    Which is why the full list of the $15bn+ in aid being sent to Ukraine by the U.S. government is likely to hit harder in the solar plexus.

    According to the U.S. Department of Defense, there has been a whopping $15.8 billion “in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Biden Administration, including more than $15.1 billion since the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked and brutal invasion on February 24.”

    Here’s a list of all your taxpayer-funded equipment that has been dumped into the most corrupt country in Europe:

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  25. I am adding a short daily prayer to the board. I would invite each of you, if you wish, to also add one or maybe two of your own liking. I do not want to stifle anyone but please limit yourself to one or two religious postings. here’s one I found that I liked.


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