Spring Has Sprung!

What does Spring mean to you? An end to winter?

Time for fun and games?

How about Spring cleaning? Are you pro or con?

If you are going to spend your time cleaning, remember to first get everything out of your way.  It will be easier.

But when you’re finished, everything will be in its place!

But then you can rest!


210 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. just got back from picking up my Jeep from getting inspected. it’s gorgeous out–first time in a long time!
    the houses in town have crocuses blooming…so pretty!

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  2. The Gipper Lives
    March 21, 2023 3:14 pm
    Reply to sunnydaze

    A group called ‘Women for Trump’ just pulled up in black SUVs. They must be Melania fans since they dress a lot like her:


  3. sync
    March 21, 2023 4:35 pm

    When you take money from China you owe them…….

    I’ve been covering the border the last couple of years and have never seen this amount of Chinese nationals crossing illegally into the US , this sector is experiencing over a 900% percent spike in Chinese nationals apprehensions compared to last year @NewsNation pic.twitter.com/RhecjSUoxC

    — Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) March 21, 2023

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  4. Issue: March 21, 2023
    “Biden fails to dismiss censorship collusion lawsuit–The lawsuit into social media censorship collusion will continue.”
    By Didi Rankovic
    Posted 1:53 pm
    ENTIRE ARTICLE @ReclaimTheNet: “The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) civil rights group has announced that a federal judge has rejected a motion to dismiss a First Amendment lawsuit, Missouri v. Biden, where the government is accused of involvement in censorship.

    “The Court finds that the complaint alleges significant encouragement and coercion that converts the otherwise private conduct of censorship on social media platforms into state action, and is unpersuaded by defendants’ arguments to the contrary,” the decision reads.

    We obtained a copy of the decision for you here. The Biden White House thus failed to stop the legal challenge which alleges collusion between the government and Big Tech to suppress information they disapproved of concerning the pandemic and US elections. The decision not to accept the motion was made in the US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana by Judge Terry A. Doughty, a statement from the non-profit said.

    The NCLA explained that it represented doctors Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff, Aaron Kheriaty, as well as Jill Hines, and that the suit lifted the lid on the censorship regime that the organization says a number of federal agencies had put in place.

    The number in question is “at least” 11 agencies and sub-agencies (including the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security, DHS), the NCLA said, and backed this claim up by information that came out during the discovery process. Government officials are accused of participating in a lawless censorship campaign that used a wide variety of tools to get social media companies to toe the line, from collusion and coordination, to coercion.

    These serious claims laid out in the lawsuit, which Judge Doughty just allowed to proceed, further allege that the result was the censoring, blacklisting and shadow-banning of the clients represented by the NCLA, as well as other methods of silencing them, such as deliberately downranking their content, throttling, etc.

    Explaining the decision to deny the motion to dismiss, the judge said that, based on past censorship, the threat of future censorship is “substantial” – rather than being “illusory or merely speculative.”

    The NCLA welcomed the ruling, describing it as an important victory in the battle for free speech in the US, and lauded the district court for recognizing the scale and damage of government-orchestrated censorship. “The Court has seen through the government’s unrelenting efforts to deny responsibility for using its vast power to silence thousands upon thousands of Americans online, often removing factually true information the government did not like,” commented NCLA’s senior litigation counsel, John J. Vecchione.

    The case is now headed to a preliminary injunction hearing set for May 12.”


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  5. ENTIRE ARTICLE @ ReclaimTheNet: “Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has been caught selling drivers’ personal information without their consent and without the option to opt out. Last year alone, the BMV made around $25 million from selling personal information, according to WRTV.

    Asked if the BMV sells personal information, a BMV employee said to WRTV: “No. Well, you’re not supposed to. Can’t tell you for sure what they do, but they’re not supposed to!”

    Though the employees might not be aware of the practice, an investigation by WRTV found that the Indiana BMV does sell personal information and the practice is legal. The BMV can sell personal information like your name, date of birth, past and current addresses, license plate number, make and model of your vehicle, VIN, date of purchase, license type, and your driver’s record.

    In the past decade (2012 to 2022) the BMV made over $237 million from selling drivers’ personal information. It sells the personal information to lawyers, bail bond companies, insurance companies, private investigators, debt collection companies, recovery agents, law enforcement agencies, security guards, auto dealers, tow companies, school corporations, and mobile home parks.

    The BMV refused an on-camera interview. However, in an emailed statement, a spokesperson said: “Data is only available to qualified entities who meet the eligibility and use requirements in Indiana Code § 9-14-13-7 or § 9-14-13-8.
    “Consumers do not have the option to opt out at this time,” they added.

    Asked how the money generated from sale of personal information, the BMV said: “The revenue generated from sales to qualified entities goes to various accounts within the BMV, most significantly the Tech Fund. The funds support maintenance and ongoing upgrades to infrastructure, databases, and security.”

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  6. “A bomb threat was called in just as a judge in lower Manhattan was about to start a hearing over a $250 million lawsuit by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Donald Trump.
    Tuesday’s 911 call was investigated, the courthouse at 60 Centre Street temporarily closed and searched, and the threat deemed unfounded, state court spokesman Lucian Chalfen said.”


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  7. “What if… Mattress coils tune into EM radiation. They can hack into you, make you feel tired and lethargic, read your mind, plant images and certain thoughts in your head…”

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  8. NF: Masks were required everywhere at the VA facilities. But many people are very lazy about it.

    “Some people just cant give up their fear porn. Because if they admit it was all BS, and we were manipulated. The whole world becomes very scary, very fast. Much easier to be compliant, and be led by the narrative. Especially when your career is on the line… Why are some docs still playing the COVID game?”

    “Who do you think signed off on this design, Huggies or Disney?”

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    1. my doc uses the bullshit excuse, this facility is considered by the fda to be a medical “industry” and masks are required.
      not medical facility…industry

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  9. I am adding a short daily prayer to the board. I would invite each of you, if you wish, to also add one or maybe two of your own liking. I do not want to stifle anyone but please limit yourself to one or two religious postings. here’s one I found that I liked.


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