The Hand Print Remains

Resembling a fortress standing guard over the town of Jim Thorpe (formerly known as Mauch Chunk), the historic Old Jail Museum is a beautiful two-story stone structure. The prison was opened in 1871 and through the years held the worst murderers and criminals imaginable, many of whom left their mark… literally. After hundreds of inmates passed through the doors, it was closed in 1995 and then purchased by Tom McBride and his wife, Betty Lou, of Jim Thorpe.

The building itself contains approximately 72 rooms, including 27 cells, basement dungeon cells used as solitary confinement until 1980, women’s cells on the 2nd floor, and the warden’s living quarters across the front of the building.

The building is best known as the site of the hanging of seven Irish coal miners known as Molly Maguires in the 1800’s. The Molly Maguires were a secret organization, composed mainly of Irish Catholics, that started one of the first labor movements in the country. Since the Irish were not well regarded by society at that time, one of the only jobs they could get in PA was working in the local coal mines. It was intense physical labor where workers only got pennies for their long hours.  They bought all their own work equipment from the bosses, and had to pay rent to the coal bosses who owned their houses. The Molly Maguires, who had enough of the slave-labor conditions, murdered the coal management while vandalizing the mines and mining equipment. They were arrested, tried, and later found guilty.

On June 21, 1877, today known as the Day of the Rope, Alexander Campbell, Edward Kelly, Michael Doyle and John Donohue were hanged at the same time on gallows erected inside the Old Jail Museum cell block. On March 28, 1878, Thomas P. Fisher was hanged here, and on January 14, 1879, James McDonnell and Charles Sharp were also hanged on the same gallows.

The Handprint

Before their hanging, the men proclaimed their innocence and today historians believe many of the condemned men were falsely accused of murder. Before his hanging, one of the men, thought to be Alexander Campbell, put his hand on the dirty floor of his cell and then placed it firmly on the wall proclaiming, “This hand print will remain as proof of
my innocence.” That hand print is visible today for everyone to view. Past wardens tried to eradicate it by washing it, painting it, and even taking down part of the wall and re-plastering it. But the hand print still remains.

Besides the hand print, visitors will experience a number of supernatural occurrences including shadows, footsteps and loud bangs from the solitary confinement cells. Legends say that these are the spirits of inmates or the ghost of the warden himself “checking up”. In the warden’s apartment objects will move near the old kitchen area, assumed to be the warden’s wife because she cooked for the prisoners herself. The Old Jail Museum is open for ghost tours at various times of the year—but makes an excellent Halloween adventure!


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