American Pride

The Fourth of July is coming up and there are relatively easy and cheap ways to display your American pride!

Tin Can Windsocks

Save some tin cans and spray paint them blue.  Punch 2 holes in the top of the cans and string twine through the holes.  Cut a star shape out of plastic lid (cool whip or butter dish) and use that to stencil the white stars.  Then add tissue paper or construction paper strips in red and white fastened to the inside of the can.

Paper Chain Railing

Cut some red and blue strips out of construction paper to make chains to fasten on a white fence or deck railing.

Doily Banner

For this banner you’ll need doilies from the Dollar Store, spray paint, modpodge and string or twine.  Keep a third of the doilies the original size.  Trim another third of the doilies to be the “middle” size and trim the remaining doilies to the smallest size.  Paint the largest doilies red, leave the middle size white and paint the smallest ones blue.  When they’re dry, cut them in half carefully and modpodge the 3 layers together.  When they’re dry, run the string or twine through the doily holes to string the banner up.  

Clothespin Wreath

Spray paint clothespins red, white and blue and when dry, clamp them onto a wire wreath.  Attach foam stars with glue.  Everything but the spray paint can be obtained from the Dollar Tree.

Painted Lawn Stars

Make a cardboard template and use construction marking paint to make stars on your lawn.  The idea comes from The Concrete Cottage and listed below are answers to frequently asked questions about this project:

Update: This is now my most viewed post and it’s garnered many questions. I’d like to go ahead and answer the three most asked questions here. 
First… This paint is specifically made for using on grass and it will NOT kill the grass. I can personally attest to that fact.
Second… The paint is construction marking paint, it’s intended to be sprayed upside down, and can be found at any home improvement store
Third… It dries very quickly and is permanent. It only comes off as the grass grows out and you mow it off.

Balloon Flag

Easy idea for a decoration and a game!  Pegboard makes this easy to do, but the balloons can be taped to any board or wall you have.  (You may not want to use the balloons for darts later on if you are using the side of your house or garage…lol)

The ideas are endless…so let your inner Patriot out and celebrate what’s GREAT about America!!!

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  1. the reason i wanted to make the poundcake today was Mom gave me a new bundt pan–she never even used it. I thought the cake would look nice with the decorative shape…
    there is chocolate cake parts baking on my oven racks and on the bottom of my oven. thank goodness i have a silicone liner on the bottom of the oven!
    (and yeah i noted it on the recipe card NOT to use this pan for that cake)

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      1. no, the pan can’t handle the recipe i guess…the cake rose up over the edge and out of the pan…
        it will be interesting to see it when it’s cooled and cut…the chocolate batter goes on top of the white in the pan to bake…then it gets inverted out of the pan…so the chocolate would be on the bottom. now? i wonder if there’s any chocolate in the cake at all…LOL

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  2. EXCERPT: “A George Soros-backed prosecutor in Virginia released on probation a violent repeat offender who went on to kill an elderly homeless woman—the third case of its kind in the jurisdiction this year.

    Fairfax County commonwealth’s attorney Steve Descano (D.) in October charged Chante Antonio Jones with assault and battery before releasing him on recognizance, slapping him with just a $212 fine and one-year period of supervised probation. Police on Monday arrested Jones for beating 63-year-old Michelle Huntley to death at a bus stop where she had taken shelter.

    The brutal killing last week is just the latest instance in which bail reform and lightened sentencing by so-called criminal justice reform prosecutors have brought deadly consequences. The Washington Free Beacon reported that Descano’s office dropped felony charges against a man who was later charged with killing two homeless men in Washington, D.C., and New York City in March. Two months before, another gunman, whom Descano had pleaded out on misdemeanors in 2020, killed an 18-year-old at a bus stop.

    An innocent Virginian lost their life because of the criminal-first, victim-last mentality pushed by far-left prosecutors,” Virginia attorney general Jason Miyares (R.) told the Free Beacon. “Continually giving repeat offenders light sentences and allowing them to quickly get back onto the street only encourages more crime and creates more victims.”

    Jones, who is also known as Siddiq Khashi Salam, is a repeat offender with more than a dozen charges in Fairfax County in the past three years, including larceny, public intoxication, and indecent exposure. Huntley, who was affectionately called “Mama” by residents, according to ABC 7, was found around midnight on June 17 with evidence of trauma to her upper body. First responders rushed her to the hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries days later. Police records show Jones’s assault-and-battery charges stemmed from punching someone in the face months before on a block close to the Huntley killing.

    Descano’s office did not respond to a request for comment. Jones has been charged with aggravated malicious wounding for Huntley’s death (a class-two felony carrying a minimum 20-year sentence), pending a medical examiner’s report.
    Descano’s approach to criminal justice, which has enabled repeat offenders, is now fueling recall efforts in Northern Virginia.

    “This abhorrent crime was totally preventable,” Sean Kennedy, who is running one of the recall efforts, told the Free Beacon. “Virginians for Safe Communities is dedicated to seeing justice done and removing Steve Descano from office for violating his oath to uphold justice and protect the public. … Like Chesa Boudin in San Francisco, Steve Descano poses a clear and present danger to public safety in Fairfax County.”

    The recall effort has amassed more than half of the roughly required 30,000 signatures to trigger a special election to remove Descano from office, according to Kennedy.”

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    1. oh here’s the explanation…what’s in a name?

      Jones, who is also known as Siddiq Khashi Salam, is a repeat offender with more than a dozen charges in Fairfax County in the past three years, including larceny, public intoxication, and indecent exposure.

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  3. SATIRE – Entire Article @ FreeBeacon:

    “Hardly anyone was shocked to learn that President Joe Biden is so cognitively impaired that members of his staff are printing out official note cards with detailed instructions to help him carry out his daily tasks. On Thursday, for example, White House photographers caught a glimpse of a card outlining the “sequence of events” for a discussion about offshore wind energy. “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants. YOU take YOUR seat,” the card instructs.

    In addition to these event-specific note cards, Biden also carries a general “cheat sheet” to help him get through the day without humiliating himself. The Washington Free Beacon has exclusively obtained a copy of this official document. It is published below in full to ensure that OUR democracy DOES NOT die in darkness. Enjoy!

    Note: This piece was originally published at 12:22 p.m.

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  4. “The black cat in the photo is named Rademenes. In 2014, he arrived at an animal shelter in Poland with a severe disease of the upper respiratory tract, which caused him excruciating pain. His owners brought him in to be euthanized, but the doctors decided to give him a second chance. To everyone’s surprise, the cheerful cat made a quick recovery. Moreover, after overcoming the disease, the cat started to take care of other animals at the rehabilitation centre and earned the nickname ’’nurse’’. Rademenes gives hugs to the other fluffy patients, warming them up as they rest and recover, and sometimes he even licks their ears. Today, the cat-nurse is almost a full-time employee of the shelter. It is said that those animals which Rademenes looks after recover much faster. Now doesn’t that just show what miracles are possible by showing a little kindness?”

    “The California Highway Patrol spent hours trying to find the fugitive fantasy creature after it escaped from a fairy-tale photo shoot in Madera Ranchos. Full story here.”

    “Alwyn Wils was in for a happy surprise after trying an experiment to see if supermarket eggs really are unfertilized. The product of his curiosity? A cute little bundle of quail named Albert. Full story and video here.”

    “When Carol Howarth parked her Mitsubishi in the town of Haverfordwest, Wales, to do some shopping, little did she know the mayhem that would ensue. Two days of it! The moral of the story is: Devotion knows no bounds when it comes to bees and their leader. Swarm of bees follows car for 2 days to rescue queen who is trapped in back.”

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  5. “There are several hundred seals living at the rocky beach below Ravenscar village in the U.K. Martina Novotna photographed this grey seal pup there.

    “Grey seal pup appears to be giggling. I loved the expression captured. It looks so human-like. I was lying on a rocky beach for hours, as motionless as possible, patiently waiting for seal life to unfold around me. This seal pup came onto the shore for a bit of rest and ended up sleeping on its chosen rock for hours before the incoming tide forced it to move more inland. Occasionally, it would stretch and yawn and it was one of the yawns that led to this expression, looking as if the seal was giggling.”

    “Dirk-Jan Steehouwer of the Netherlands noticed when this monkey and giraffe were interestingly positioned in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda. ‘During a game drive we found a group of monkeys playing around with each other, jumping up and down from a bare branch. It was a joy to watch. After a while I saw a giraffe coming from the right. By the moment the giraffe did pass the branch, one of the monkeys was on his post to ride the giraffe.”

    “These Gentoo penguins certainly cooperated when American photographer Joshua Galicki was looking for a perfect photograph in East Falkland, Falkland Islands.

    “I was lying on the beach during a stretch of fair weather at Volunteer Point in East Falkland, just waiting to capture a Gentoo penguin jumping out of the surf to land on the beach. To my delight, a trio emerged from the water and walked straight in my direction. I really enjoyed photographing this moment as it seems to capture some sassy personality displayed by these individuals.”

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  6. I finished making the potato salad, the macaroni salad and the deviled eggs. the cake slid unceremoniously out of the pan, so we’ll see later when we cut it what it looks like inside…LOL

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  7. Filly, you’re the site expert on research…ever heard of this? is it something we should check out??
    from tcth

    July 1, 2022 11:40 am


    Wondering who is running your government? Inside Biden’s Basement you can:
    Find thousands of personnel records for Biden Administration staffers.
    Use our database to search for them by name, former employer, and agency.
    Discover their links to outside special interest groups with business in front of the government, how many of them are political insiders passing through the revolving door, and which ones have amassed fortunes most of us can only dream of.

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  11. Ultra Maggot administration is providing grants to international organizations for atheism and humanism…and that violates all sorts of rules and standards…
    House Republican Study Committee (RSC) chairman Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) and 15 GOP colleagues are challenging the legality of State Department grants—of as much as $500,000 each—to international “organizations committed to the practice and spread of atheism and humanism.”

    Their challenge is contained in a June 30 letter to President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken concerning the department’s competitive grant process issued in April 2021 for “Promoting and Defending Religious Freedom Inclusive of Atheist, Humanist, Non-Practicing and Non-Affiliated Individuals” in South Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

    “To be clear, atheism and ‘humanism’ are official belief systems.

    “As an initial matter, therefore, we would like to know what other United States government programs supported with appropriated funds are being used either to encourage, inculcate, or to disparage any official belief system—atheist, humanist, Christian, Muslim, or otherwise,” Banks and the other signers told Blinken.

    “It is one thing for the department to be tolerant and respectful of a wide range of belief systems, and to encourage governments to respect the religious freedom interests of their citizens. It is quite another for the United States government to work actively to empower atheists, humanists, non-practicing, and non-affiliated in public decision-making,” the signers continued.

    “Any such program—for any religiously-identifiable group—in the United States would be unconstitutional.

    “In addition to its constitutionally dubious legal foundation, we also question how such a grant or cooperative agreement program advances the foreign policy interests of the United States,” the signers wrote.

    A State Department spokesman could not be reached for comment.

    In addition to Banks, the signers include Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas), Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wisc.), Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.), Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), Rep. Lisa McClain (R-Mich.), Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.), Rep. Alex Mooney (R-W.Va.), Rep. Tim Burchett (R- Tenn.), Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Mich.), Rep. Barry Moore (R-Ala.) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.).

    In countries with a dominate religious culture such as the Middle East and parts of North Africa where Islam dominates, the signers warned Blinken that providing U.S. tax dollars to groups promoting non-Islamic faiths is likely to be perceived by local populations as subversive funding ”from a foreign power designed to shatter local religious and cultural relationships.”

    In addition, the signers told Blinken they have reviewed other similar official State Department Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) documents that “violate both the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses, but also the No Religious Test Clause of Article VI of our nation’s constitution.”

    The funding provided to the organizations selected by the department would be used to support building “networks and advocacy groups” for atheists, according to the official notice.

    “This would be analogous to official State Department promotion of religious freedom ‘particularly for Christians’ in China, with the express goal being to build a corresponding missionary network,” the signers told Blinken.

    “Obviously, this goal that would never pass constitutional muster and would be derided by radical Leftist bureaucrats in your agency as completely out-of-bounds.

    “So why is this atheist NOFO not viewed with similar objection,” the signers asked.

    “Americans rightly discern this as a part of the broader effort on the part of your administration to promote radical, progressive orthodoxy abroad. Atheism is an integral part of the belief system of Marxism and Communism,” the signers said.

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  12. Hmm….very interesting website, is Biden’s Basement! They seem to have gathered a ton of publicly available info, altho I question the low number of Lobbyists – only 93?!? They must be joking!!!! In any case, I’ve passed it on and bookmarked it – it will certainly be useful for some purposes.

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  13. stefanik co sponsored a bill to protect america’s agriculture from foreign investors.
    “The United States cannot allow malign ownership bids of American assets by China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea to undermine the efforts of our farmers, whose hard work feeds and fuels our communities,” she said. “Especially as we witness the devastating impact of a supply chain crisis, the United States cannot cede any ownership of our food supply to those who do not share our security interests.”

    The proposed legislation included a provision that would make the Secretary of Agriculture a member of the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment. It would also require the secretary to submit a report every 180 days reviewing the risks that foreign purchases of agricultural companies may pose to the U.S. agricultural sector.

    “Adversarial nations, like China, continue to threaten our homeland, using tactics like buying American agriculture companies and stealing agriculture research to undermine our economy,” Rep. Rick Crawford (R-Ark.), who co-introduced the bill, said in a statement.

    “Washington must realize that agriculture security in national security, and we have a duty to protect our food supply and those who produce it.”

    Experts have previously told The Epoch Times that Beijing could use U.S. farmland investments to stage espionage campaigns against the United States.

    China’s Fufeng Group’s purchase of 370 acres of land in Grand Forks, North Dakota as the location for a massive new corn-milling plant was the largest single private capital investment in the region’s history.

    Ross Kennedy, founder of Fortis Analysis, told The Epoch Times the regime has become “very involved in major infrastructure projects” around the world in recent years, noting that some of their chosen locations have been “regions of strategic and national security importance.”

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  17. why don’t i trust this man?
    copied from tcth

    July 1, 2022 2:34 pm

    Well Bill Gates’ large purchase of farmland acreage has been approved, it doesn’t run afoul of the corporate farmland prohibition because the land is being leased back to farmers.

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    1. aw, Billy bees share-cropping now, huh?!

      ‘Big Guy’ gets 10%

      Bill the sharecropper ?

      “… sharecroppers renting farmable land from farmers, such as plantation owners, who owned large patches of land. In addition to this land, sharecroppers rented supplies and equipment from the farmer to work the land. Usually, cash crops, like tobacco and cotton, were grown. Depending on the contract, the sharecropper gave half of their harvest or half of the proceeds from selling their harvest to the farmer in lieu of rent. From the remaining proceeds, the sharecropper paid back the sum of the rented supplies and equipment, usually with interest. Any leftover income was kept by the sharecropper.”

      Probably 80% … to Massah Bill

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            1. Oh I read that … just don’t believe it… is as one normally thinks of “leases” …peeps claim a lot of things … 😉

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    2. See the Banksters have figured the Lord of the Manor knew what he was doing…

      If you’re not yet a fan of economist Michael Hudson, this will persuade you to at least check him out … from a recent interview … video, but I’ve linked to transcript (even a snippet is long, but 30 sec sound bites don’t impress unless repeated endlessly) 😉 :

      Snip … “The pretense is that banks actually play a productive role in society, by providing the money for factories to buy machinery, and build plants, and do research and development, and to hire labor; and that somehow the money that banks create is all lent out for industrial economy, and that that will enable companies to make more money that they’ll spend on labor; and of course, as they spend more money on labor, that supports to bid prices up as the reserve army of the unemployed is depleted.

      But that’s all a fiction. The textbooks don’t want to say that banks don’t play a productive role like that at all. And the corporations don’t do what the textbooks say.

      If you look at the Federal Reserve balance sheet and statistics that it publishes every month, you’ll see that 80% of bank loans in the United States are mortgage loans to commercial real estate and mostly for home real estate. And of course the home mortgage loans have been nothing, like under 1% for the last 14 years, since 2008.

      Only the banks and the large borrowers, the financial sector, have been able to borrow at these low rates. Homeowners all along have had to pay very high rates, just under 4%, and now it’s going above 4%, heading to 5%.

      Well, here is the situation that the Federal Reserve has created. Suppose that you’re a family right now going out to buy a home, and you find out that in order to borrow the money to buy the home – because if the average home in America costs $600,000 or $700,000, people haven’t saved that much; the only way you can buy a home is to take out a mortgage.

      Well, you have a choice: you can either rent a home, or you can borrow the money to buy a home. And traditionally, for a century, the carrying charge for financing a home with the mortgage has been about the equivalent of paying a rent. The advantage is, of course, that you get to own the home when it’s over.

      Well, now let’s look at what’s happening right now. All of a sudden, the carrying charge of mortgages have gone way, way up. The banks are making an enormous gap. They can borrow at just around 1%, and they lend out at 4.5%. They get a windfall gain of the markup they have in mortgages, lending to prospective homeowners.

      And of course, the homeowners don’t have enough money to be able to pay the higher interest charged on the mortgages that they take out. So they are not able to buy as expensive a home as they wanted before.

      But they’ve been a declining part of the population. At the time Obama took office, over 68% of Americans owned their own home. Obama started the great wave of evictions, of 10 million Americans who lived in homes, essentially to throw them out of their homes, especially the victims of the junk mortgages, especially the lower income and racial minorities who were redlined and had to become the main victims of the mortgages.

      America’s homeownership rate is now under 61%. What has happened? You’ve had huge private capital firms come into the market thinking, wait a minute, we can now buy these properties and rent them out. And we can buy them for all cash, unlike homeowners, we’re multibillionaires, we Blackstone, BlackRock.

      You have these multibillion-dollar funds, and they say, well, we can’t make much money buying bonds or buying stocks that yield what they do today, now that the Federal Reserve has ground down interest rates. What we can do is make money as landlords.

      And so they’ve shifted, they’ve reversed the whole shift away from the 19th-century landlordism to an economy based on financialization, and the wealthy classes making money on finance, to go back to making money as landlords.

      And so they are buying up these homes that American homeowners can’t afford to buy. Because when you raise the mortgage rate, that doesn’t affect a billionaire at all. Because the billionaire firm doesn’t have to borrow money to buy the home. They have the billion dollars of their own money, of pension fund money, of speculative money, of the money of the 1% and the 10% to spend.

      So what you’re having by increasing the interest rates is squeezing homeowners out of the market and turning the American economy into a landlord-ridden rental economy, instead of a homeowners economy. That’s the effect.

      And it’s a windfall for the private capital firms that are now seeing that are making money as landlords, the old fashioned way, it worked for 800 years under feudalism. It’s coming back in style.

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      1. that’s exactly what my son and daughter in law discovered. companies were over bidding the prices and stealing home after home out from under actual prospective home owners…then within a few months–they were renting them out

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  18. EXCERPT: “LIVERMORE, Calif. (AP) — Sonny Barger, the leather-clad fixture of 1960s counterculture and figurehead of the Hells Angels motorcycle club who was at the notorious Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway, has died. He was 83.

    Barger’s death was announced on his Facebook page late Wednesday.

    “If you are reading this message, you’ll know that I’m gone. I’ve asked that this note be posted immediately after my passing,” a posting said. “I’ve lived a long and good life filled with adventure. And I’ve had the privilege to be part of an amazing club.”

    The post said that “I passed peacefully after a brief battle with cancer.”

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  19. EXCERPT: “Despite insistence from transgender activists that people can choose their sex, 60 percent of Americans believe sex is determined by biology, a new Pew Research poll shows.

    Not only are Americans rejecting radical gender ideology, but the number of Americans who believe in the biological reality of sex has increased every year. Last year, 56 percent of Americans believed sex is determined by biology, up from 54 percent in 2017. The growing share of Americans who disagree with gender ideology shows that indoctrination attempts by activists and Democrats are largely failing.

    Half or more of all age groups agree that sex is determined by biology, although young adults are slightly more likely to embrace radical gender ideology. Notably, among adults 30 and younger who say people can choose their sex, 33 percent say social media has “contributed to this view at least a fair amount.”

    But the difference in beliefs between Republicans and Democrats is stark. Eighty-six percent of Republicans and people who lean toward the GOP say sex is determined by biology. Only 38 percent of Democrats believe in biological reality. Sixty-one percent instead believe that “whether a person is a man or a woman can be different from their sex at birth.”

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    1. ohh PEW ,,, 60% ? How about 90%, or those with ‘firing’ neurons?

      You’re conning/gaslighting us, right?!

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          1. They are set-ups in many different ways. I worked briefly – VERY briefly – for a company that did those cold-call surveys. Man, did that ever suck! I made it 2 weeks… grandson tried it a few years later and he made it a month before quitting in disgust.

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  20. EXCERPT: “A Colorado teacher was disciplined after suggesting to a transgender student that the rise in transgenderism is a “trend” that some come to regret, according to documents provided to the Daily Caller from the educator.

    Jefferson County Public School teacher Phil Vagos underwent disciplinary action following an email exchange between himself and a transgender student. The student — a biological female who initially emailed Vagos begging for a second chance to pass his class — asked to be addressed using “he/him” pronouns “when in absence of parental figures,” according to the communications reviewed by the Daily Caller.

    “I understand that my grade in your class is incredibly low and that I never truly got any important work done during the semester,” the student emailed Vagos. “With the end of the year being today, I realize my mistake and I’m asking you for an extended semester to make up the credits I have lost. I’m determined to work as hard and as efficiently in your course as I can, and have the motivation to participate in your class.”

    Vagos responded using the student’s preferred name and said he removed a couple of “zero credit assignments” attributed to the student to pass the class. He went on to provide the student with information on detransitioners and wished the student the best of luck.

    “And as much as I don’t want to interfere in anything that isn’t my business, given the P.S. of the email I thought it might be helpful for me to provide a link regarding the transitioning process that has become a recent trend among young people in the United States,” Vagos’ email read. “I typically wouldn’t do this, although you did mention that you are using an alternate name and gender outside of your parents’ presence, which tells me that this might not be the result of a consensus of agreement between you and them.”

    “In any event, please forgive my presumptuousness on my part regarding this issue. But I am a firm believer in making fully informed decisions … especially when they may completely and permanently alter one’s life,” the teacher continued.”

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  21. Entire Article @ DC: “Poison’s Bret Michaels was rushed to a Nashville hospital after suffering a medical emergency just before he was set to perform on stage Thursday.

    Excited fans were surprised when members from Poison took the stage to announce Michaels had suffered an adverse reaction to medication and had been taken to hospital, TMZ reported. Unnamed sources later claimed COVID-19-related medication might have triggered a bad reaction due to Michaels’ diabetes, according to the outlet.

    Michaels sent a personal note to his fans on Instagram, apologizing that his band could not perform as a result of his illness. “I send my deepest apologies for being unable to rock the stage tonight!!!” he said. Poison had embarked on a massive tour with Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Joan Jett, and it remains unclear if any of the other dates will be affected.

    Michaels’ message seemed optimistic, and he expressed his desire to quickly get back on stage to entertain his fans. “To the incredible fans in Nashville, thank you for all your well wishes!! I was truly fired up to get on stage in the Music City and perform, but due to an unforeseen medical complication & following hospitalization, it was not possible,” Michaels said in a message posted to his Instagram account.

    “I’m working on being back 100% very soon & hope you rocked hard with my friends Motley/Leppard/Joan and Classless Act!!!” he added. Michaels has been faced a series of illnesses over the years, including a “warning stroke” and a brain hemorrhage. The multi-band concert has performance dates booked for Saturday in Florida and Sunday in Mississippi, according to TMZ.”

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  22. From The Bee:

    “U.S. — With Pride Month ending and July 4th around the corner, millions of rainbow flags across the country are being taken down and replaced with American flags, causing liberals to scream and run away in terror.

    “AAAHHHHHHHHHH!” said Mamby Mcdibbles, (he/him) as he stepped out of his apartment to be greeted by hundreds of red, white, and blue flags. “I don’t feel safe! I DON’T FEEL SAFE!”

    Sociologists agree that while the Pride flag is about acceptance, love, and family-friendly drag shows, the American flag is an ominous symbol of oppression. “We urge all allies to stay indoors during this extremely triggering week,” said sociologist and ally Dr. Bork Sortblatt. “You and your comrades should remain huddled in a windowless bathroom and cover yourselves with a blanket while taking extra Xanax until this dark time has passed.”

    When reached for comment, America’s conservatives said: “LOL look at them snowflakes run! Y’all git! Yeehaw!”

    At publishing time, Biden also hid in his bathroom under a blanket but for reasons unrelated to the American flag.
    WASHINGTON, D.C. — The walls are finally closing in on Trump, as the January 6th Committee has called star witness Amber Heard to testify against the former president.

    “Miss Heard is a credible witness of the most upstanding moral character,” said committee member Jamie Raskin. “We expect her to bring explosive, shocking, bombshell, compelling, believable, harrowing, never-before-heard testimony of Trump’s planning and execution of the deadly January 6th attack on our sacred democracy.”

    “Wow, this really doesn’t look good for Trump,” said beloved far-left pundit Stephen Colbert on his nightly political news show. “It might be the beginning of the end for The Orange Man. We finally got him, ladies and gentlemen.”

    Colbert’s audience then clapped and cheered, as the big signs hanging on the ceiling said “please clap and cheer.”

    Insiders say Heard will testify that Trump grabbed her steering wheel and choked her and then spilled a mimosa on her grand piano and kidnapped her Yorkie from the dog spa.

    The committee also revealed that Johnny Depp will also testify about his attempt to stop Trump from starting an insurrection by calling for his assassination.
    GENEVA — This week, an international panel of scholars released the findings of a study examining a causal link between an improved prayer life and teaching a teen to drive. The results are conclusive: parents who report a “poor-moderate” prayer life increase their prayer by over 329% after the first behind-the-wheel lesson.

    “With a large sample size, several control groups, and a double-blind methodology, we are confident we have demonstrated that anyone who teaches teens to drive will cry out to God for deliverance.” Swiss scholar Hieremias Timothée-François led the study and spoke to journalists on behalf of the panel of scholars involved: “We published the details in the peer-reviewed ‘Quarterly Journal Of Prayer & Meditation’ – we even included atheists in the control group, and their prayer was in the 99th percentile when their teen would brake-check on an open road, or skip the brakes altogether when approaching a crowded crosswalk.”

    Other researchers from the panel spoke up to defend their evidence. French scholar Rion Jean-Rosé elaborated on their data’s reliability: “Our hypothesis assumed only the really ‘hard-core’ Christians like Baptists, Presbyterians, and Reformed types would see an uptick in prayer, but this was disproven – even Methodists, Unitarians, and Catholics prayed more when their teen threw the clutch out for the umpteenth time!”

    At publishing time, the study received widespread acceptance from the academic community when the scholars involved added their evidence that parents of teens learning to drive on stick shifts lost their salvation altogether.”

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    1. “WASHINGTON, D.C. – With Ketanji Brown Jackson set to take over Justice Stephen Breyer’s seat on the Supreme Court today, aides have been hard at work changing all the restroom signs to “gender-neutral” so Jackson doesn’t get confused when she has to use the restroom.

      “It’s important to make accommodations for differently-abled non-biologists like KBJ,” said SCOTUS Clerk Michael Qian. “We are excited that Ketanji will not only be here to represent women of color, but people of mental confusion as well.”

      The clerks will also be hard at work striking all uses of the word “woman” from cases and legal briefings passed to the newest justice, as any use of the word “woman” causes her to start stuttering in confusion and say things like “I’m not qualified for this.”

      At publishing time, Conservatives called for KBJ to recuse herself from all cases involving women.”
      U.S. — Pride Month officially concludes June 30th with a series of explicit parades and orgies, but community activists have assured as many as would listen that they are not going anywhere. Now, as pride month comes to an end, Americans are looking forward to 11 months of still pandering to the LGBTQ community.

      “Yeah, I love the LGBTQIA+ community, and I look forward to celebrating it 24/7 for the rest of the year,” said one man. “Also, I don’t want to get canceled. Please don’t cancel me.”

      Several businesses are reportedly prepping “miniature pride” campaigns that will be deployed throughout the year so that no one forgets queer people exist and like to make their private sex lives public knowledge.

      Mondelez International CEO Tim Oreo expressed his desire to double down on LGBTQ pandering. “We want you thinking about queer people every single day,” he announced at a shareholder’s meeting. “That’s why every snack food we sell will be gay in some way, guaranteed. We will also be rolling out non-binary Oreo cookies that have no frosting. They are intentionally bland.”

      Not everyone is enthused about 11 more months of LGBT pandering.

      Texas native Raymond “The Bigot” James ate a rainbow Oreo cookie sadly while wishing what he described as a “horror show” would end.

      “I don’t really care what someone does in the privacy of their own home,” said the Waco resident. “But this isn’t about personal freedom anymore, if it ever was. Frankly, it’s just obnoxious.”

      At publishing time, LGBTQ activists have released the month of October from their control to make way for National Abortion Month.”

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    1. I remember the piece you did on Wilson at Marica’s ……….

      outstanding! I learned a lot I didn’t know …

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  23. EXCERPT: “The Biden administration today said it ordered 2.5 million more doses of Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneos monkeypox vaccine, bringing the total vaccine doses to be delivered in 2022 and 2023 to more than 4 million.

    The news followed Tuesday’s announcement of the first phase of the U.S. government’s “national monkey vaccine strategy,” which will expand testing capabilities and make Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneos vaccines readily available to anyone exposed to the virus.

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said the government’s “enhanced” nationwide strategy “will vaccinate and protect those at-risk of monkeypox,” as well as provide guidance to communities on how to respond to outbreaks.
    U.S. health officials also are seeking to expand use of the monkeypox vaccine for children, Bloomberg reported.

    The CDC is developing a protocol aimed at allowing use of the Jynneos vaccine in children “should cases in children occur,” Kristen Nordlund, a CDC spokesperson, said in an email to Bloomberg.

    “I’m concerned about sustained transmission because it would suggest that the virus is establishing itself, and it could move into high-risk groups, including children, the immunocompromised, and pregnant women,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a Wednesday press briefing.”

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  24. EXCERPT: “The Biden administration on Wednesday announced a $3.2 billion deal to purchase 105 million doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for a fall vaccination campaign, with options to buy up to 300 million doses. The contract includes a combination of adult and pediatric doses, and supplies of a re-formulated booster shot that will contain the original Wuhan variant and BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday advised COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers to produce the updated booster vaccine — which has not yet undergone human clinical trials — for this fall.
    However, U.S. taxpayers will fund the $3.2 billion campaign, just as they also paid $1.95 billion for the original 100 million doses obtained under Operation Warp Speed, and $19.50 per dose for 500 million more doses obtained through the government’s option contract.

    “Earlier this month, in the absence of additional COVID-19 funding from Congress, the Administration was forced to reallocate $10 billion in existing funding, pulling billions of dollars from COVID-19 response efforts in order to pay for additional vaccines and treatments,” HHS said in a statement. “The funding for this new Pfizer contract is being paid for with a portion of that reallocated funding.”

    “The White House has dropped all pretense that this is about protecting public health,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense. “This is an unsheathed, corporate welfare project to further enrich the shareholders of the most profitable industry in history.”

    “It’s almost as if these states — and their citizens — are paying for these vaccines twice over: once to bankroll much, or nearly all, of the research itself, then again to buy back the products of this public-funded research,” Quartz reported last month. “Pharma corporations benefit hugely from this model.”

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  25. Headlines @ Children’s Health Defense:

    – Nearly 40,000 Army Guard Troops Still Unvaccinated for COVID as Deadline Passes for Them to Get the Shots
    – Many Preschool Apps Are Tricking Kids Into Spending More Time and Money, Study Says
    – The Feds Don’t Know How Often They’re Using Facial Recognition
    – Push to Rein in Social Media Sweeps the States
    – Google Will Pay U.S. App Developers $90 Million in a Settlement Over App Store Policies
    – ‘One of the Worst Downturns in Recent History’: Zuck Warns Facebook Employees to Brace for Layoffs
    – Why Should We Trust Facebook to Build the Metaverse?
    – TikTok Confirms That China-Based Employees Can Access U.S. User Data, but Only Through an ‘Approval Process’

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  26. so we had dinner and i cut the cake…there was chocolate in it…and the shape reminded me of something, but i couldn’t place it. then it hit me! loch ness monster…

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    1. Hi, I hope it is OK if I read here nearly every day. I found the cake interesting and thought I would offer a possible solution to the evenness of the layers. I make a cinnamon swirl loaf (made it in loaf pan, bundt pan and angel food pan), I spoon in the batter into the pan and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar then spoon the next layer. I don’t do the swirl thingy. The layers come out even.

      The other thing you could try is load the chocolate layer and tap the pan to even the batter, spoon the white layer in and allow the oven to level the white batter. Only other thing I can think of would be to beat the white layer a little longer until it is “light” and then spoon it on top.

      Not sure what you have tried already so this may be redundant. Daughn may know how to do it.

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      1. Welcome Linda!
        everybody’s welcome to read and/or comment as they choose!
        I love the cake and will make it irregardless of getting it to look like my aunt’s…lol…I hope when she passes, she leaves me the secret!
        the next time I make it, I will try your suggestion…I appreciate it, thanks!


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