A Trip to Heaven

When Charlotte’s heart stopped, her amazing visit to heaven began

By Sue Ann Jones, posted 12/26/19 (http://ozarkcountytimes.com/news-local-news/when-charlotte%E2%80%99s-heart-stopped-her-amazing-visit-heaven-began/)

(I have edited this a bit – go to the link for the entire true story.)

Charlotte Holmes, who has lived with Danny in Mammoth for 48 years, was admitted to Cox South Hospital in Springfield after she went for a routine checkup with her cardiologist and was sent directly to the hospital when her blood pressure spiked at 234 / 134.

Charlotte Holms

“I’ve always had trouble with my blood pressure, and I’ve been in the hospital two or three times before when they put me on IV medication to bring it down,” she said. “That time, in September, I’d been there three days, and I was hooked up to all the heart monitors. They had just given me a sponge bath in my bed, and they were putting a clean hospital gown on me when it happened. I can’t remember anything about that moment, but Danny said I just fell over, and one of the nurses said, ‘Oh my gosh. She’s not breathing.”

Danny told her later that her eyes were wide open, and she seemed to be staring. The nurse ran out of the room, and called a code, bringing a crowd of medical personnel rushing into the room. One got up on the bed and began the chest compressions. That was the moment, Charlotte said, when “I came out above my body. I was looking down on everything. I could see them working on me on the bed. I could see Danny standing in the corner.”

Stock picture

And then came the wonderful fragrance. “The most beautiful, wonderful smell, like nothing I’d ever smelled before. I’m a flower person; I love flowers, and there were these flowers that had this fragrance you can’t even imagine,” she said.

The flowers were part of a scene that suddenly unfolded before her. “God took me to a place beyond anything I could ever have imagined,” she said. “I opened my eyes, and I was in awe. There were waterfalls, creeks, hills, gorgeous scenery. And there was the most beautiful music, like angels singing and people singing with them, so soothing. The grass and trees and flowers were swaying in time with the music.”

Then she saw the angels. “There were several angels, but these were humongous, and their wings were iridescent. They would take one wing and fan it out, and I could feel the wind on my face from the angels’ wings,” she said. “You know, we’ve all imagined what heaven will be like. But this … this was a million times more than anything I could have imagined,” Charlotte said. “I was in awe.”

Then she saw “the golden gates, and beyond them, standing there smiling and waving at me, were my mom and dad and sister.”

Charlotte’s mother, Mabel Willbanks, was 56 when she died of a heart attack. Charlotte’s sister Wanda Carter had been 60-something when she too had a heart attack and died in her sleep. Her dad, Hershel Willbanks, had lived into his 80s but then died “a very sad death” due to lung problems, she said. But there they were, smiling out at her from just beyond the golden gates, looking happy and healthy. “They had no glasses, and they looked like they were in their 40s. They were so excited to see me,” Charlotte said.

Her cousin Darrell Willbanks, who’d been like a brother to her, was there too. Darrell had lost a leg before he died of heart problems. But there he was, standing on two good legs and happily waving at her.

A blindingly bright light streamed from behind her loved ones and the huge crowd of people standing with them. Charlotte is sure the light was God. She was turning her head away to save her eyes – the light was so bright – when something else caught her eye. It was a little boy, a toddler. “He stood there in front of my mom and dad,” she said.

For a moment, Charlotte was confused. Whose boy was that? she wondered. But as soon as the question came into her mind, she felt God answering it. It was her and Danny’s son, the baby she had miscarried nearly 40 years ago when she was five and a half months pregnant.

“Back then, they didn’t let you hold the baby or bury it when you miscarried that far along. They just held him up and said, ‘It’s a little boy.’ And that was all. It was over. I went through a long, deep depression after that miscarriage, wishing I could have held him,” she said. Seeing her little son standing with her parents, she said, “I couldn’t wait to hold him. I had missed that.”

It was all so wonderful, heaven was. And, from beyond the golden gates, she felt God saying, “Welcome home.”

“But then, I turned my head away from that bright light again and looked behind me. And there were Danny and Chrystal and Brody and Shai,” she said referring to her and Danny’s daughter Chrystal Meek and her adults kids Brody and Shai. “They were crying, and it broke my heart. We know that in heaven there is no sorrow, but I hadn’t walked through the gates. I wasn’t there yet. I thought how I wanted to see Shai get married and Brody get married to make sure they were OK.”

At that moment she felt God telling her she had a choice. “You can stay home, or you can go back. But if you go back, you have to tell your story. You have to explain what you’ve seen and tell my message, and that message is that I’m coming soon for my church, my bride,” Charlotte said.

About that time, as Danny was watching the emergency responders continue the chest compressions, he heard one of them ask, “Paddles?” apparently referring to an electro-shock defibrillator.

He heard the person in charge answer no and instead order some kind of shot. “And then he said a guy comes running in, and they give me the shot, and he could see on the monitors that my blood pressure was going down,” Charlotte said. And then, Danny told her afterward, he saw one of Charlotte’s eyes blink, “and I knew you were coming back to me.” Charlotte had been dead 11 minutes.

When she came to, she started to cry. Danny asked her, “Mama, are you hurting?” Charlotte shook her head no. And then she asked him, “Did you smell those flowers?” Danny had messaged Chrystal the moment Charlotte had stopped breathing, and Chrystal had rounded up her kids and they all rushed to Springfield, arriving at Charlotte’s side just as she was being taken to ICU. When she saw Chrystal coming toward her, the first thing Charlotte said to her was, “Did you smell the flowers?”

Chrystal turned to her dad and said, “Huh?” Danny shrugged. “I don’t know,” he said. “She keeps saying she smelled flowers.”

Charlotte was in the hospital another couple of weeks, and during that time, “I couldn’t stop talking about it. I’ve got this burning in my life and my soul. I got to see something so amazing, and I’ve just got to tell people about it. Heaven is a million times better than you can imagine. I stop people in the grocery store. I even stopped my mailman and told him. I’m not bashful. I want to share this story wherever I can.”

When she was in heaven, she felt God telling her that, when she went back, she would see angels. “And just in the last month, I’ve started seeing them. I can see people’s guardian angels behind them,” she said.

Charlotte has always been a devout Christian. She and Danny are part of the band that provides the music at Mammoth Assembly of God. “But now, more than anything, my favorite thing to do is pray with people. Danny even built me a prayer closet. He knows if he wakes up at 3 a.m. and I’m gone, that’s where I am. It’s so important to me, and in doing this, I’ve heard from so many other people with their testimony.”

(Caption: Charlotte Holmes, center, and granddaughter Shai Meek, left, delivered Christmas cookies Wednesday to Century Bank of the Ozarks, where employee Lowana Collins accepted the treats from Gainesville Health Care Center. Times photo/Norene Prososki

Charlotte has told her story at several churches and meetings of other groups in the area. “I just can’t keep from talking about it. And there’s so much more to the story. I don’t want people to think I’m crazy – well, I don’t care if they think I’m crazy. I know what the Lord showed me, and I can’t quit saying how wonderful and merciful God is,” she said.

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  1. Good morning y’all! What a great story! I remember reading it once before, did you post it at Marica’s? Makes me feel more at peace about the hereafter. I still have more yard work to do today. Need to finish mowing at the house and weed eating some more. It got too hot yesterday, just shy of 90°F. I’mnot a hot weather person, give me the cold weather anyday! Anyhow, you guys have a great day and I will try to pop in more today when I can. I wasn’t much company for you guys yesterday! Gotta make hay while the sun is shining I suppose!

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    1. Good morning, CM! Yes, I did post this at M’s before. Oh, yardwork never stops! I mowed the front yesterday and need to do the back again before my guy comes to spray. I still want to take down a bunch of Trumpet vines before they start their summer growth. Brrrr!!! 35 when I got up! TPTB just had to mess with Mother Nature and now she’s all turned around, upside down and inside up!!!!

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      1. I had almost finished weed eating around the creek banks in the back yard and my 2nd battery ran out of juice! Taking a little break while I wait for them to recharge. Still need to pick up sticks and some rubble I left at the front porch when repairing my block steps a while back.

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        1. I’ll get the rest mowed today – bright and sunny, altho chilly. I only did the minimum weed eating on one battery, with another one charged as back-up. Still have a bunch of tree limbs, branches, and other detritus to go to the dump. I’ll have to get help lifting the Cottonwood limb that took out my Oriole feeder into the back of my truck. No way I can lift that sucker up there!

          I really want to get to the Trumpet vines, tho. The arbor is leaning and I need to balance it and put in another t-post to anchor the east side. I’ve got one on the west already….and I need to do it before they leaf out again for the summer.

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  4. EXCERPT: “Horror stories about surprise billings from medical facilities for various treatments abound. It’s why in 2020 Congress adopted the No Surprises Act which took effect this year banning shock billings for emergency and a few non-emergency medical services. Now one state has a court precedent that involves other procedures too.

    It is the Colorado Supreme Court that ruled that a woman who had spinal surgery following a car accident is not liable for an additional $229,000 billing from Centura Health Corporation and Catholic Health Initiatives Colorado, doing business as St. Anthony North Health Campus, because the billing was based on a secret price list the hospital compiled, and used, and refused to disclose even during court proceedings.

    The dispute arose when Lisa Melody French went to the health care center for spinal fusion surgery. “Centura advised her that she would personally be responsible for $1,336.90 of the amounts to be billed,” the unanimous court opinion, written by Justice Richard Gabriel, said. But then after the surgery hospital officials took another look, determined they had misread her insurance, leaving her an “out-of-network” patient.

    “Century then billed French $229,112.13 and ultimately sued her to collect,” the opinion noted. That apparently was the amount due after she already had paid $1,000 and her insurance tens of thousands of dollars, meaning the total “cost” imposed by the health center was more than $300,000.

    But the ruling said French could not have consented to pay the price listed in the hospital’s “chargemaster” because the hospital refused to disclose it to her. Further, there was no reason that could not have happened, or should not have happened, before surgery, Gabriel said.”


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      1. Fear tactics – a CC company tried that with Mom – I told her to give me all the documentation and I would prepare a letter for her to sign and send.

        Bottom line, the letter said: “Go ahead and sue – you can’t get blood out of a rock!!!!” She was 89 years old, living on SS, with no assets whatsoever. Good luck! Not a damned thing they can do, in reality.

        They kept sending her threatening letters and I just told her to file them….eventually, they stopped.

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  5. Entire article @ Washington Times: “HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — A western Maryland race track has evicted the remnants of a trucker protest that had used the site as a staging ground. The People’s Convoy had conducted a series of rolling protests around the Capital Beltway in March to protest pandemic restrictions and other grievances. After a hiatus, a smaller group of truckers returned Wednesday to the Hagerstown Speedway.

    But The Herald-Mail in Hagerstown reported Saturday that Speedway General Manager Lisa Plessinger asked the group to leave amid infighting over its next steps. The last of the truckers left Friday night, she said. She compared the convoy to “like when your mother-in-law comes to visit and decides to stay.”

    A press release issued Friday on a Facebook page for The People’s Convoy “declares victory and announces its conclusion of the national convoy portion of this great movement.”

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  6. EXCERPT: “Well, well. Remember how Democrats accused the Trump Administration of trying to rig the 2020 Census? Now a Census Bureau study reveals that Republican-leaning states may have been hurt by mistaken under-counts.

    On Thursday the bureau published the results of its post-enumeration analysis, which it does after every Census to identify errors in the count. Its study found that 14 states were over- or under-counted by statistically significant margins. Compare that to 2010 when the bureau’s post-hoc analysis found that all the state population counts were more or less accurate.

    States with large over-counts include Hawaii (6.8%), Delaware (5.5%), Rhode Island (5.1%), Minnesota (3.8%), New York (3.4%), Utah (2.6%), Massachusetts (2.2%) and Ohio (1.5%). Those under-counted by big margins include Arkansas (5%), Tennessee (4.8%), Mississippi (4.1%), Florida (3.5%), Illinois (2%) and Texas (1.9%).

    Texas was under-counted by about 570,000 people while New York was over-counted by 695,000. That’s a lot of people. Yet the findings aren’t shocking. We noted last spring when the results from the reapportionment were announced that the Census counts diverged sharply from the bureau’s 2020 population estimates in many of these states.”


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  7. EXCERPT: “Late Friday Russia’s Defense Ministry announced that the last Ukrainian fighters holed up in the giant Azovstal steelworks plant emerged, days after there were reports that top Azov commanders still holding out.

    The ministry said it counted 2,439 defenders had emerged and surrendered over the past few days. The final holdout group that was last to come out was tallied at 531. The Russian military’s now total control over the sprawling plant and city of Mariupol is considered the be its greatest victory over three months of war.

    The final 500+ came out Friday, after Azov regiment commander Denys Prokopenko giving the order to stop defending the city. “The higher military command has given the order to save the lives of the soldiers of our garrison and to stop defending the city.” Prokopenko had said in a video posted to Telegram.

    The Ukrainian side has presented it as an end to the “combat mission” while Moscow emphasized the Azov militants, who are neo-Nazi in ideology, were defeated and surrendered. Prokopenko those under him to preserve “life and health … and stop defending the city.”

    Russia announced that “The territory of the Azovstal metallurgical plant … has been completely liberated.” Further, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed President Putin of the city’s complete ‘liberation’.

    Crucially, there are Russian and other international press reports saying that the head of Azov is now in Russian military custody: “The Russian Defense Ministry also confirmed the surrender of Denis Prokopenko, the commander of the so-called Azov battalion – a far-right military unit of neo-Nazi volunteers operating in Ukraine as a reserve force of the country’s Armed Forces,” according to the reports.”


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  8. EXCERPT: “By a vote of 217-207, the House of Representatives just passed the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act to supposedly help lower gas prices across the country. But how come Congress refuses to do the same thing with Big Pharma and its overpriced drug racket?

    According to reports, the American government is now inserting itself into the energy markets by deciding which gas stations are setting “unconscionably excessive” prices and dealing with them accordingly. If an energy seller is deemed to be “exploiting the circumstances related to an energy emergency to increase prices unreasonably,” then the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will have the power to take regulatory action.

    This “presidential emergency,” as they are calling it, will last 30 days if passed by both branches of Congress. It could theoretically be renewed indefinitely “as the president deems appropriate.”

    “The measure would also prioritize FTC enforcement actions against firms with $500 million or more in annual wholesale or retail consumer fuel sales,” reported The Epoch Times. Only four Democrats voted against the bill along with 203 Republicans. Most Democrats supported it because they say their constituents are experiencing a lot of pain at the pump. “Our residents are so fed up with corporate greed,” said Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), a supporter of the measure. Democrats say oil companies are intentionally limiting supply to reap record profits

    Republicans like John Joyce of Pennsylvania, on the other hand, say that government intervention at a time like this will create long lines of cars at the gas station, much like what occurred during the 1970s. Implementing price controls, he claims, amounts to socialist price fixing. Not only that, but there is plenty of domestic energy that Democrats, for whatever reason, do not want Americans to access. “Instead of creating price controls that would lead to less production and massive gas shortages, we need to rely on the energy that lies beneath the feet of my constituents in Pennsylvania,” Joyce said on the House floor.

    Rep. Kelly Armstrong, a Republican from North Dakota, further revealed that the Biden regime is largely to blame for the energy crisis, including with its cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline project.”


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  9. EXCERPT: “EXCLUSIVE: Former President Donald Trump reacted to the bombshell testimony out of the trial of Michael Sussmann that Hillary Clinton herself approved the dissemination of false information alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank to the media. Trump told Fox News Digital that the entire Russia investigation is “one of the greatest political scandals in history,” and that he will “never” get his “reputation fully back.”

    Former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook on Friday testified as part of the first criminal trial out of Special Counsel John Durham’s years-long investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, saying Clinton approved and “agreed” to share the discredited data with the media.

    Former FBI General Counsel James Baker testified Thursday that the bureau investigated the data alleging a Trump connection to the Kremlin-linked bank, and found that “there was nothing there.”

    “This is one of the greatest political scandals in history,” Trump told Fox News Saturday morning. “For three years, I had to fight her off, and fight those crooked people off, and you’ll never get your reputation fully back.” “Where do I get my reputation back?” Trump said again. “I had to fight them off,” Trump said. “And if we had real leadership, instead of people like Mitch McConnell, they would do something about it. And guys like Bill Barr. They would have done something about it.”

    Trump said that the law enforcement and intelligence community resources devoted to investigating him and members of his 2016 campaign distracted officials from what “could have been a real danger with Russia.”


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  10. Hmmmm…..he must have exposed everything during the negotiations for his freedom…..I would guess he wasn’t in on the plot to assassinate Bin Salman during the Las Vegas shooting, if that WAS a real plot…..

    EXCERPT: “An unlikely royal joined a Saudi delegation to the UAE this week, and readers of the Kingdom’s political landscape are viewing the move as a message of family unity from its de facto ruler after fractious years spent building his power base. Prince Abdulaziz bin Ahmed is the eldest son of Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the detained brother of the Saudi monarch, and has no official post. Yet his name topped the Saudi state media’s list of delegates accompanying Crown Prince and heir apparent Mohammed bin Salman to pay respects to the new United Arab Emirates ruler.

    Known as MbS, Prince Mohammed had held off heading to the UAE until his father King Salman, 86, left hospital after a week-long stay that refocused Saudi watchers’ and analysts’ attention on issues of succession. “Having the son of Prince Ahmed sitting next to him in Abu Dhabi is a strong message to local and international public opinions, especially with the succession looming,” said one Saudi source familiar with the royal family’s workings, declining to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter.

    More broadly, the delegation represented a careful balancing by MbS of figures from different branches of the family, said Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, a political scientist at Rice University’s Baker Institute in the United States. “(This) perhaps was designed to demonstrate a show of unity within the Al Saud family that has been under strain from issues such as the detention of Prince Ahmed and Mohammed bin Nayef,” he said.

    The Saudi government did not respond to a request for comment on the delegation or signals its composition might have sent.”


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  11. EXCERPT: “If you’re a Democrat and you’ve lost Joe Scarborough, you’ve got a problem. Scarborough, of course, is the onetime Republican Congressman who ended up at MSNBC, where he long ago realized that his bread was being buttered by liberals. So for the most part, he now talks like a partisan Democrat. And yet sometimes, his old common sense peeps through.

    That was the case on May 12, when Scarborough commented on the Senate’s vote, the previous day, on an abortion bill spearheaded by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). That bill failed by a 49:51 vote. In other words, Schumer couldn’t even get a majority in his own chamber—Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was a “no,” joined by all 50 Republicans.

    As Scarborough said with a sigh, “The story of the Democratic Congress, thus far, is wildly overshooting the mark, and getting nothing from it.” What did Scarborough mean? What was the problem?

    The bill was dubbed the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022, and that sounds a lot like motherhood and apple pie—except, of course, that it was about the opposite of motherhood. It was about abortion. Indeed, the bill was a radical expansion of abortion rights, superseding all state restrictions on abortion, of any kind. As such, it didn’t seek merely to codify Roe v. Wade, as Schumer claimed, but instead sought to radically expand it.

    From the floor of the Senate on the 11th, Manchin said of the bill, “Make no mistake, it is not Roe v. Wade codification. It is an expansion, it wipes 500 state laws off the books, it expands abortion . . . We should not be dividing this country further than we’re already divided, and it’s really the politics of Congress that’s dividing the country.”


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  12. EXCERPT @ BB: “A few minutes after twenty-four-year-old Erin Wilson parked her truck and began walking down a trail to the Trinity River, the unthinkable happened, NPR reported Saturday.

    “I’m just walking down the slope and the dog had run ahead of me. And I turn around and there’s this cat just growling at me and it reaches up and it swipes at me,” she recalled of the harrowing incident. “At first, I was just like, Wait, what? And I think I screamed and I shouted for Eva and she came running.”
    Despite the danger, Eva instantly went into protection mode and tackled the massive cat. However, the animal’s jaws clamped down on her neck and the situation grew even worse.

    “My fight mode kicked in and I started picking up rocks and I was bashing in its skull as hard as I could,” explained Wilson. Moments later, she ran back to her truck for a crowbar and alerted a motorist named Sharon Houston, who grabbed a PVC pipe out of her own trunk. They worked together to fight off the animal until it let go of the dog and ran away. Eva got up and Wilson eventually put her into their vehicle then sped down the road to a vet’s office. Houston detailed what happened during an interview with Fox 40:

    “Eva suffered skull and jaw fractures, a swollen eye, and spent several days in recovery.” Wilson created a GoFundMe page to cover her beloved dog’s vet bills and said in a update on Thursday she appeared to be feeling much better. “My dog is my hero and i owe her my life,” Wilson wrote on the fundraiser that as of Saturday had raised $32,354.”
    “Eva, the Belgian Malinois that rescued a California woman from a mountain lion, is released from the vet hospital in Redding on May 19, 2022, after recovering from her injuries. Her owner describes the dog’s bravery and recovery.”

    Long, very detailed article! EXCERPT: “Eva didn’t look too bad, considering three days earlier she nearly died in the jaws of a mountain lion. The 2½-year-old Belgian Malinois on Thursday night walked out of the VCA Asher Animal Hospital in Redding with her owner, Erin Wilson, at her side. Eva was a little groggy from the pain meds, a few patches of her fur were shaved for stitches, and she had pink surgical tape wrapped above each of her front paws.

    But Eva was wagging her tail as Wilson sat down on some grass outside the clinic and wrapped her arms around the dog that she credits for saving her life.

    “I would do anything for her,” she said. “And I know now she would pretty much do anything for me. So it’s a good relationship to have. I know I can trust her.”

    Video: https://www.sacbee.com/news/california/article261628737.html

    “Eva, a young Belgian Malinois dog that was wounded fighting a mountain lion in rural Trinity County, is released to go home with Erin Wilson, right, and Connor Kenny on Thursday after being cared for at the VCA Asher animal hospital in Redding. Wilson said Eva saved her life after a mountain lion clawed her shoulder while they were walking along the Trinity River on Monday. Xavier Mascareñas xmascarenas@sacbee.com


  13. If anyone wants to watch the Preakness – damn good riding – notice how the jockey is keeping a close eye on the other horses, glancing back under his arm, looking on both sides, so he doesn’t get that last minute surprise.

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  14. So….shall we play a little Jeopardy??? I’ll take side effects of the jab for $1,000, Alex!!!

    Entire article @ BB: “NEW YORK (AP) — A person running the Brooklyn Half Marathon collapsed and died Saturday morning, New York City’s fire department spokesperson said. Spokesperson Frank Dwyer said the runner was transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. Other details, including what caused the runner to collapse, were unavailable as of midday Saturday.

    Dwyer said six other runners were transported to the hospital. Three had serious, non-life threatening injuries, while the remaining three had minor injuries. Over 22,000 runners were expected to run from Prospect Park to the Coney Island boardwalk in the Saturday half marathon, which returned to full capacity for the first time in three years.

    Temperatures exceeded 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.7 degrees Celsius) as of midday in Brooklyn. A heat advisory cautioning that hot temperatures and high humidity could spark heat illnesses remains in effect throughout New York City until 8 p.m. Saturday.”

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  15. Holy cow!!! This is insane!!!

    EXCERPT: “The European Union has spent hundreds of thousands of euros on Drag Queen Story Hour-esque performances for young people in Germany, Spain, and Slovenia, Breitbart London can reveal. A report examining publicly available EU expenditures compiled by German MEP Nicolaus Fest, provided exclusively to Breitbart London, has found that at least €221,550 has been spent on Drag Queen projects and performances intended for young people through the bloc’s Erasmus+ programme.

    The programme, which is intended to support youths in education, training, and sports, has an estimated €26.2 billion at its disposal. The taxpayer money has been revealed to have gone directly to funding Drag LGBT projects, such as “Dragtivism” in Barcelona, Spain, “Drag It Up!” in Berlin, Germany, and “United with Pride” in Slovenia, home country Melania Trump, the former First Lady.

    The Drag It Up! project in Berlin in 2020, which received €21,700 in taxpayer money to educate “38 young queer people”, was described by the European Commission as “using non-formal and informal education” to teach how to put on makeup and wigs, walking in high heels, and “methods of blurring and exaggerating traditional binary gender roles”. “They will get to know the rich and diverse drag and queer scene in Berlin and will learn about the historical, social and political contexts of drag, queer activism and queer art,” the description added.

    While Erasmus+ is under the jurisdiction of the European Commission, in countries such as Germany the federal government has wide discretion on the use of local funds, with the report saying it is “fair” to implicate the German government in the decision to promote Drag Queens to youths.”



  16. EXCERPT: “The Walt Disney Co. is giving profits from its recently launched, LGBTQ+-themed “Pride Collection” apparel line to groups that are fighting Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

    Among the organizations receiving Disney money are the Ali Forney Center, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, GLSEN, the Trevor Project, and the Zebra Coalition. All five groups have publicly condemned the Florida law; one of the groups is backing a lawsuit against it.

    Disney said it will donate all “Pride Collection” profits through June 30 to eight U.S. groups that support “LGBTQIA+ youth and families.” The merchandise, which is geared for both children and adults, features rainbow-themed motifs imposed on familiar Disney brands, including Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar.”



  17. Hello All!
    well we’re back…tired, sore, but happy to be home!
    hope y’all are well!
    hubby and son got the roof finished for the most part. the sun was steaming yesterday and there were thunderstorms coming. my son was applying roofing caulk (?) under the last “valley” of the roof when the tube exploded all over the section he was finishing. that was a huge mess, but luckily he had a spare tube.

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    1. I sympathize about the caulk tube. Had a similar experience installing my range hood vent on the roof! Glad everything worked out and nobody got hurt.

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  18. I am adding a short daily prayer to the board. I would invite each of you, if you wish, to also add one or maybe two of your own liking. I do not want to stifle anyone but please limit yourself to one or two. here’s one I found that I liked.

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      1. my manners…Hiya Filly!!!
        you think it’s okay?
        I don’t want the site to become overly religious–Marica’s site seems suited for that and I don’t want to step on toes.
        But i did want a simple daily prayer.

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  19. EXCERPT: “As we reported previously, the ATF is targeting what the administration calls “rogue gun dealers.” Tiny paperwork errors, even ones that are inadvertant, are causing hundreds of dealers to lose their FFLs. The administration has literally weaponized the ATF to do their bidding. Now, they’ve added any business that sells gun kits to their list.

    Biden’s “ghost gun”plan went into effect in April of this year. JSD Supply is out of the gun kit business until this is settled. They have filed a lawsuit against the ATF and DOJ in US District Court, requesting an injunction so they can continue to stay open. There are others: JSD is not alone – The Gun Owners of America reported that a dealer in Missouri was also targeted early.

    ‘ATF has held that kits which include all components necessary to produce a functional firearm, including the jig or template used to finish the unfinished frame or receiver, the slide assembly, and the necessary components to complete the frame or receiver are themselves properly classified as firearms under the Gun Control Act,” the letter says. “Specifically, these kits are a weapon that may be readily converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive. These kits are firearms under the gun Control Act and have always been firearms pursuant to statute.”
    The Epoch Times (letter to the company)’

    First, let’s review the statement that they have “always been firearms.” That is an out and out lie. The ATF once ruled that unfinished 80% receivers and several other parts sold by these companies were not firearms and provided guidance that businesses who sold the receivers did not need an FFL. Also the statement “readily converted” is not exactly correct – putting together a working firearm is a specific skill set.

    Their letter to JSD Supply continued:

    “Further, selling the necessary components to produce a functional firearm to the same person through multiple purchases or structure to transactions at different times instead of a single sale is equivalent to selling the complete kit to the customer. That is, the complete set of component parts necessary to create a firearm need not be packaged or sold in a single container or a single transaction in order to be considered a firearm. These piecemeal sales circumvent requirements of the Gun Control Act and are unlawful.” (ATF letter)

    To be clear, the ATF has been targeting “ghost gun kits” and those who sold them for a long time. “Polymer80” was raided because of the kits in December 2020. Ares Armor was raided in 2014 over the unfinished 80% receivers. The ATF was weaponized during the Obama administration, and was acting in a similar manner toward the end of the Trump administration. However, the Biden administration is going much farther than others, fully weaponizing the ATF, and claiming the license to do so. It’s a gigantic overreach.


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  20. EXCERPT: “Jenna Cullen and Jack Harris had a scare when Cullen went into premature labor at home in November 2021. Their baby, Hunter, weighed just one pound five ounces, and was so quiet that the couple feared he was dead.

    Cullen explained that she had gone to the hospital with pains, but was told that she was not in labor, and was sent home. Hours later, she gave birth to Hunter, who was in a breech position. She was 30 weeks pregnant.

    “I didn’t know what contractions felt like but I was in a lot of pain and by the time Jack had phoned 999 Hunter was almost here,” she explained. “I wrapped him in a towel and cleared his airways and got a little cry. I just kept him wrapped up warm and checked on him but he was quiet. I thought he was dead.”

    She credits the ambulance service, particularly a paramedic named Dai Bowen for saving her son.

    “Dai was amazing,” Jenna told Wales Online. “He came in and straight away began giving oxygen and he cut the cord for us also. I helped with the oxygen as Dai placed equipment upon Hunter to monitor him. Without Dai and the other crew members, I don’t think my son would be here now. They definitely saved his life.”


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  24. Hey, Pat – you should take a few minutes and scan the pics I posted yesterday of my flower beds when we were living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Pretty, if I do say so myself, and a shit-ton of work on my part! So satisfying, tho, until the workmen destroyed it!

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    1. i plan on reading the last few days opens tomorrow…I am anxious to see what all i missed!
      I am just too dog tired now….thinking about sitting on the sofa with hubby…putting my feet up and falling asleep–
      the kids like memory foam mattresses–and we sleep terribly when we’re there…plus the up and down ladders and more I’ll tell you about tomorrow…
      Good Night Filly!!!

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      1. Hey, take your time – none of it is going any where! You have both got to be thoroughly whipped by now – the driving on top of days and days of work!

        Relax and have a great evening!

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  25. EXCERPT: “The city’s vaccine mandate has been put on “pause” for the NYPD so the force can avoid losing nearly 5,000 cops and employees as the weather — and crime — heats up, The Post has learned. Currently, 91 percent of the NYPD’s uniformed cops and other personnel are vaccinated, City Hall says. That leaves an estimated 4,659 NYPD employees unvaccinated despite a deadline to get the shots by Oct. 29.

    “In a nutshell, no decisions will be made, no further members will be forced to leave until further notice,” said a veteran NYPD sergeant, explaining the unwritten rule. “There hasn’t been any memo, just basically keep everything status quo and if issues arise we will revisit it down the road.”

    Last month, an undisclosed number of officers received final notices rejecting their requests for religious or medical exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for municipal employees. But an unspecified number of requests remain pending, letting cops and others in a state of limbo keep working.”


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  26. I am not Catholic nor do I know much about it; however, I have the utmost respect for this particular Catholic!!


    IN the coming days, the Nations that adhere to the World Health Organization will vote on resolutions regarding the WHO’s management of pandemics. These resolutions will transfer sovereignty regarding the health of citizens to a supranational body that is largely financed by the pharmaceutical industry and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. If these resolutions are approved by a majority, the WHO will have exclusive international authority in the case of a pandemic to impose all the rules, including quarantines, lockdowns, obligatory vaccinations and vaccine passports. It should also be borne in mind that this organization enjoys immunity, and thus its members cannot be either tried or convicted if they commit crimes. Unelected technocrats will paradoxically have more power than that which citizens confer on their representatives by means of their democratic vote.

    Given that the yielding of sovereignty is considered the crime of high treason by the laws of every nation, and that Parliaments may not legislate against the interests of the Nation, much less violate the natural liberties and fundamental rights of the citizens whom they represent, I believe that it will not escape anyone’s notice that this attempt by the WHO to appropriate a power that properly belongs to individual Nations is intended to impede any sort of opposition to the Agenda 2030, which in the field of healthcare also aims to accomplish the drastic reduction of medical and hospital services, the privatization of the health industry, and disease prevention by means of vaccines.

    The psycho-pandemic has demonstrated the enslavement of rulers, the political system, the media, the judiciary, the entire medical industry, and even the Holy See itself to the diktats of a group of functionaries of a supranational entity that has a blatant conflict of interest. The disastrous adverse effects of the experimental mRNA serum are only now being recognized, while there are many who rightly expect that those responsible for these decisions ought to beheld accountable before an independent court.

    It therefore sounds absurd, to say the least, that there is now a desire to give binding decision-making power to the WHO, when in its management of the recent emergency pandemic and the vaccine campaign the greatest damage was done in terms of the number of deaths and of patients who have suffered permanent damage to their health. In addition to the impunity it enjoyed for the crimes it has committed thanks to the silence of the mainstream media, the WHO also has total discretion over how to respond to the upcoming emergencies that are obviously being planned by the pharmaceutical lobby. The marginalization of health personnel who appeal to the Hippocratic Oath risks becoming the norm by which to eliminate every voice of dissent. In this regard, it is significant that the Nations that oppose the New World Order – like Russia and Brazil – are aware of the very serious consequences that the ratification of these resolutions would entail, and for this reason they are opposed to their approval. During his term of office, President Trump also sent an unequivocal signal by halting funding from the U.S. Treasury to the WHO. This was one of the reasons that the deep state blocked his re-election in 2020, supporting a compromised and corrupt individual whose son Hunter is involved in financing American biolabs in Ukraine.

    I therefore express my full support for the citizens – especially scientists, doctors, and legal experts – who are denouncing this threat to the national sovereignty of the adhering Nations, and who are asking for light to be shed on past events and on the consequences that the decisions of the WHO have caused for the health of the world population. I exhort heads of state and government leaders who will be called to express their views about the ratification of these resolutions to reject them, since they are contrary to the common good and intended to carry out the global coup that the WHO and the WEF have planned for years under the names of the Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset . Global health governance is one of the fundamental elements of the New World Order, as has been made clear by authoritative experts who are not compromised with the system, and as such it must be rejected and opposed. The logic of control, profit, and mass pathologization must be replaced with a public health policy that has as its primary goal the health of citizens and the protection of their inalienable rights.

    The Holy See – which is a Permanent Observer at the United Nations and also at the WHO for one year now – has the duty to reaffirm the right of individuals to accept or refuse health treatments, especially in the face of the concrete danger of adverse effects, which are still partly unknown, from this experimental genetic treatment. And if up until now Bergoglio and his cabal have indulged the delusions of Gates, Schwab, and Soros, the time has come for the Catholic Church to defend the weakest, the defenseless unborn, children, and the elderly, as well as those who have been blackmailed by the cynicism of businessmen and conspirators in order to force them to be inoculated with a serum contaminated by aborted fetal cell lines. The present conspiratorial silence of the Vatican, after the hasty pronouncements it made at the beginning of the pandemic and its shameful endorsements of Big Pharma, will be imputed to the condemnation of the Roman Sanhedrin, which has made itself an accomplice in a crime against God and man. Never in all of history has the Hierarchy prostituted itself to temporal power in such a servile and abject way. Let us pray that some Bishops will find the courage to distance themselves from Bergoglio’s collaborationist line and find the words to open the eyes of those good people who have thus far been deceived by globalist propaganda.”

    Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop, May 21, 2022


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