Haunted Cemeteries

Glenwood Cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery in Mississippi

Located in Yazoo City, this cemetery was created around 1856. It is the burial site of the famed Witch of Yazoo. Legend tells of an old woman who lived near the Yazoo River who was found tormenting fishermen. A sheriff chased her through the swamp and caught up with her just in time to watch her sink into quicksand and drown. With her last breath, she cursed the town, saying, “In 20 years, I will return and burn this town to the ground!”

On May 25, 1904, the town did indeed burn down. A total of 324 buildings were wiped out. When the townspeople approached the grave of the famed witch, the chains that normally surrounded the grave were apparently broken in two.

Bachelor’s Grove

This small abandoned cemetery is known for being one of the most haunted locations in the country. The land in this area south of Chicago was first settled in the 1820s, and the graveyard was set aside in 1864. It is reportedly home to a large amount of paranormal phenomena, including a phantom house, spirit orbs, disappearing cars, and full-bodied apparitions. According to legend, during the Prohibition era, the remains of those slain by gangsters were found in the cemetery’s adjacent lagoon, along with some illicit firearms.

The most famous apparition is known as the “Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove.” She is a lady dressed in white who often appears holding an infant on moonlit nights. In 1991, members of the Ghost Research Society conducted an investigation of the site. During the investigation, one investigator managed to capture an image of a woman who appeared to be sitting on a tombstone. The apparition was not present during the investigation and only appeared later when they developed the film.

Chestnut Hill Cemetery

During the late 1800s, disease ravaged a family in Exeter, RI. After a farmer’s wife and two daughters passed from the same mysterious illness, he and the townsfolk began suspecting vampirism was at work. They exhumed the bodies of his wife Mary and daughters Mary and Mercy. While the remains of both Marys were decomposing normally, Mercy’s remains looked strangely well-preserved, leading them to believe she was a vampire. In one story, they desecrated her grave, cut out her heart, and burned it. They mixed the ashes with water and served it to the farmer’s son Edwin, but that failed to cure his disease, which we now know was tuberculosis.

After Mercy’s passing and exhumation, people have reported seeing her ghost rise from the grave and wander through the graveyard. Others have seen orbs and heard strange sounds near her grave. Though the vampire myth persists, most now believe that the ghost is a result of the grave desecration. 

Resurrection Cemetery

This Roman Catholic cemetery was consecrated in 1904 and officially opened in 1912. It is also the alleged home of “Resurrection Mary.” According to one of the legends about this ghost, Mary was attending a dance at the Oh Henry Ballroom one night in the 1930s. After getting into an argument with her boyfriend, she decided to walk home. She never made it, instead becoming the target of a hit-and-run somewhere near the cemetery. In another version of the story, based on the real passing of Mary Bregovy in 1934, Mary was slain in a car accident and haunts Resurrection Cemetery because she is interred there. 

Since then, there have been many sightings of Mary. She appears on the side of the road or at a nearby dance hall. She asks for a ride home – her “home” being the place she was laid to rest in the Resurrection Cemetery. After the car stops in front of the graveyard, she gets out and disappears.

St Louis Cemetery

This is actually three cemeteries, with the first and second being the oldest. Built in 1789, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest existing cemetery in New Orleans and is considered one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world. The cemetery is composed mostly of above-ground mausoleums like most cemeteries in the area because of New Orleans’ high water table level. Notable residents of St. Louis No. 1 include Homer Plessy of Plessy v. Ferguson fame and Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau.

Laveau is said to haunt the graveyard, wandering the alleys chanting audible Voodoo curses on trespassers. She has also been said to take the form of a black cat with fiery red eyes. The ghost of her familiar, a giant black snake, also protects Laveau’s grave from those who would mock her.

Vandalism in recent years (including an incident where Laveau’s tomb was painted pink) has caused the archdiocese to ban public access to the cemetery. Only registered tour groups and the families of those buried are allowed to visit.

Greenwood Cemetery

According to legend, this cemetery was originally a Native American burial ground before white settlers started burying their deceased there in the 1830s. The graveyard was officially established in 1857.

A variety of supernatural manifestations have been reported at Greenwood. The ghosts of Confederate soldiers whose bodies supposedly were dumped in a hillside have been seen, appearing near what is now a war memorial. Another often reported ghost is that of the “Greenwood Bride,” a woman in a wedding dress whose fiancé was slain.

Bonaventure Cemetery

This Southern Gothic cemetery was formally established in 1846. While it is not the oldest cemetery in Savannah, GA, it is allegedly the most haunted. It was originally part of the massive Bonaventure Plantation owned by Colonel John Mullryne in the 1760s, then changed hands several times until it became a private cemetery in 1802. Bonaventure was sold to the city of Savannah in 1907.

Today, visitors report hearing the sounds of ghostly voices at a party echoing through the graveyard. Additionally, the grave of Gracie Watson is said to be haunted. Many have heard the sounds of a young girl crying, and the statue has been reported to weep blood.

cemetery in Salem

This cemetery is linked to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Here, Giles Corey was executed by being pressed to death for refusing to stand trial.

As the stones were added one by one on top of his chest, he maintained his innocence. His ghost is said to haunt the cemetery to this very day.

Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery

This Baltimore graveyard is the final resting place of Edgar Allen Poe. Established in 1786 as the Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery and located next to Westminster Hall, both the hall and cemetery are said to be haunted.

The apparition of Poe has been seen in the graveyard, perhaps lamenting his untimely demise. The notorious “Skull of Cambridge” is also buried here. Said to be the head of a slain minister, the skull allegedly emits screams that can drive people mad.

Oakland Cemetery

Standing in the center of the city since the 1850s, Oakland Cemetery survived General Sherman’s burning of Atlanta during the Civil War. From the house on top of the hill, General Hood watched the Battle of Atlanta in 1864.

In total, nearly 7,000 Confederates are buried here, including 3,000 unknown people marked by a large lion statue. It is said that late at night, you can still hear the soldiers answering roll call.

Cemetery in Kansas

This cemetery is purported to be a gateway to hell. As the story goes, somewhere in the cemetery is a stairway that leads directly into the underworld. On Halloween night it appears, and the devil emerges from the darkness. By skeptical accounts, the gateway is probably just part of an urban legend created by a professor at the University of Kansas and first published in a student newspaper in the 1970s. Since then, there has been plenty of vandalism and trespassing at the cemetery by those seeking a paranormal experience. Still, the cemetery was featured in the show Supernatural and is a pretty creepy looking place, even if it isn’t really a gateway to hell. Then again, you never know…



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        1. they didn’t die from drought…there’s a pest from…guess where…shyna!
          emerald ash borer beetle…shynese ash trees are not affected…
          the larva get under the bark and they do so much damage, the bark can literally slide off the trunk. woodpeckers somehow know where the bugs/worms are and peck the hell out of the tree getting to them…thus also exposing the bark and the tree dies.

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  1. Oh, my….Nunes is on Maria this morning….

    “Durham has, oddly, been prosecuting the DOJ and the FBI at the same time as he is prosecuting Danchenko. Now look – I think this is a problem because I’m not sure….why is Durham NOT bringing conspiracy charges? You know, he reports directly to Biden’s AG and we know, just kind of the final point, that there are several high-level officials that were involved back in ’15 and ’16 in this whole conspiracy that are now sitting atop the Justice Department. One has to begin to ask why is Durham being allowed to bring the prosecutions that he should be bringing, based on all the evidence we’ve seen so far in this trial. [NF: I think he may have misspoke and it should have been why is he NOT being allowed to bring them.]

    Maria: “So you think Merrick Garland is putting his hand on the scale and stopping him from bringing these prosecutions?”

    Nunes: “Yeah, look, and I’ve said this for a long time, many times on your show dating back many years, Democratic Republics don’t survive if you have a situation where we have a 2-tiered justice system, where it appears that the JD and the FBI are working on behalf of democrats and targeting republicans. And so, you know, I don’t know if Durham is going to be able to finish his job or not but one thing that’s going to have to happen is there is going to have to be a commission that has not been done in a long time in Congress, that’s going to have to be created, to look at all the malfeasance of the FBI that’s not just about the Russia hoax, but something similar maybe to the Church Commission, maybe the 9/11 Commission. If this doesn’t happen, calls to disband the FBI are going to get louder and louder because half of America can’t live in a system where one party is treated differently than the other.”

    Maria: “Are there talks underway right now to create a commission to bring in outsiders to investigate the FBI and dismantle this politicization?”

    Nunes: “Yeah, I’m taking a lot of calls from folks now just asking, you know, how do they get to the bottom of this and one of the challenges that, if the republicans are to gain control….one of the challenges first will be that, you know, we now are seeing it in full light, but if you go back in time, you know, they would constantly say “Well, we can’t tell you that because there’s an on-going investigation” to we, the Congress. Then they would say, “Well, you guys don’t have the proper clearances.” So, this is going to be the problem, that the FBI is very clever about hiding in these gray areas, and hiding the ball from Congress. So, look, this is a bad situation for the republicans to be going into but at least we have the experience – a bad experience over the last 5 or 6 years – we know now how to deal with these guys like never before, and it’s going to take the full power of the Speaker and the full power of a commission to get to the bottom of what actually happened here and re-right the course of how the FBI and the Justice system should operate in this country.”

    Maria: “How did this happen….what do you attribute this to and was this Mueller and Comey or was this even bigger than that?”

    Nunes: “I think it’s pretty simple, right? You have the democrats under Obama and Biden that conspired to go out and get President Trump at the time, and republicans, and they got knee-deep in it….they worried about the Hillary Clinton e-mails before the 2016 election, so they decided to frame Trump and tried to create an October surprise, and then Trump does the unbelievable and he wins, and that’s when they go into a full-blown criminal conspiracy. They stand up this sham Mueller witch hunt to essentially hide the ball. And then they successfully hid the ball from Congress for 3, 4, 5 years and on-going, by doing these dirty tricks that just continued. So it was a whole cabal, it’s clear for the American people to see, and now it’s going to be up to a republican Congress to get to the bottom of it. “

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  2. Maria: “I’m going to bring in the man who was elected to oversee the next House Oversight committee, Congressman James Comer. We also see, Congressman, that retired and disgraced former FBI operative Timothy Thibault is refusing to cooperate with you in the GOP investigations into all of this. Thibault, of course, opened the Trump Mar-a-Lago investigation, he killed the Hunter Biden laptop investigation, and, btw, he was also the FBI’s spokesperson for “election integrity” before the 2020 election. Congressman, good morning to you, thanks for being here today.”

    Comer: “Thanks for having me.”

    Maria: “First off, what we just heard from Devon Nunes, is there support for an outside commission? Would you consider putting an outside commission in place to investigate the FBI?”

    Comer: “I would. You know, obviously it depends on who’s on the commission, but we have a huge problem with the FBI and, the fact is, the American people have lost confidence in the FBI. It’s been politicized for at least 6 years now and it’s going in the wrong direction. Every day, another report comes out that is more damaging to the FBI. We certainly need to reform the FBI, we certainly need new leadership at the top, but the encouraging thing, Maria, is that there are dozens of FBI agents who are coming forward to Jim Jordan and other members of Congress to try to blow the whistle on the wrong-doing at the FBI. I think the majority of the FBI agents in America want to do a good job and we honestly need an FBI but we don’t need the leadership we have now, they should resign and they should be held accountable for the wrong-doing and we’ve got to repair and reform the FBI moving forward.”

    Maria: “I mean, there is so much to look at, from the Russian collusion made-up story to the FBI protecting Hillary Clinton and her e-mail scandal to killing and censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story…what’s most important to you…what’s going to be your priority, because I want to get into this 150 suspicious activity reports that came about of the Biden family and all of their money in-and-out of accounts.”

    Comer: “Yeah, I mean, you look at the facts with Hunter Biden and Jim Biden, the entire Biden crime family, is what I would call it – they’ve been influence peddling for a decade and Hunter Biden committed serious crimes. As you mentioned, 150 suspicious activity reports – those are the most severe bank violations – this is when the bank notifies the Federal government that we’re pretty confident that our client has committed a crime. He’s had multiple banks file 150 suspicious activity reports, saying that we believe each instance was another act of a crime, and yet the FBI did nothing about it, and Timothy Thibault can resign from the FBI, he can refuse to answer our questions now, but in January after the mid-terms, we’re hopefully going to be in the majority.

    I will have the gavel, I will have subpoena power, Jim Jordan will have subpoena power on the Judiciary Committee, and Tim Thibault’s going to be a person of great interest for both the Oversight and the Judiciary committees. Look, we need to hold people accountable in the FBI for wrong-doing. We need to set an example, then we need to reform the FBI and move forward, but as for a priority for the Oversight committee, look, we’re investigating Hunter Biden because we believe he is a national security threat, and we fear that he’s compromised Joe Biden. So, a lot of the bad policies – the energy policy, the foreign policy – that Joe Biden has enacted that put America last – we believe this was done because he’s compromised because of his family’s shady business dealings with our adversaries.

    Maria: “How are you going to get around the fact that they just won’t cooperate? That FBI agent who told us all about election integrity ordered Danchenko to erase all evidence from his phone of his roll in the attempted coup of President Trump…they also hid all this stuff from Devon Nunes when he was Chairman of the Intelligence committee. He didn’t know that Danchenko was on the payroll, he didn’t know that they were offering Christopher Steele $1M. What are you going to do about it to get to the bottom of it if they keep hiding all this stuff?”

    Comer: “Well, we’re going to use the subpoena authority and they’re going to be required to testify under oath, we’re also going to be deposing a lot of people. This isn’t just going to be centered around the usual suspects that are in the news like Thibault and Christopher Wray….this is going to include a lot of lower level people. We’re already working with whistleblowers, I think we’re a lot further along than a lot of people realize with respect to trying to hold people accountable in the FBI for wrong-doing, and look – with this Hunter Biden situation, it’s only getting worse and a lot of people say, “Well, you know, his Father did that interview on CNN and said ‘Well, he straightened up — he got on drugs and he’s straightened up now.”

    But the influence peddling, Maria, pre-dated the drug addiction. And then if you look at the story right at the beginning of the Biden administration that people forget about – he sold all that artwork for half a million $ plus, we’re pretty confident that artwork went to China, and we want to know more about who bought that. There’s been misdeeds that have happened with Hunter Biden in both the Obama administration and the Biden administration so, we’ve got a lot of answers to get for the American people, we’re not going to let up, but we have to have subpoena power, so these November 8 elections are crucial to be able to give the American people the answers they want.

    And the last thing…you know everyone that watches your show, Maria, they want people held accountable for wrong-doing, seems like no one is ever held accountable for wrong-doing – we realize this in a Republican majority and we want to focus on trying to hold people accountable, in addition to fixing the problems at the FBI and with the Biden influence peddling.”

    Maria: “Congressman, this could not be more important – the 3 countries that have apparently given the Biden family the most money – China 10’s of millions of $’s, Russia – we know, we’ve identified a $3.5M check from the former Mayor’s wife of Moscow, who sent money to the Biden family – Ukraine, which is getting crushed by Russia – these are the countries that Joe Biden has to make decisions about on behalf of the American people. How can he if he’s compromised and has taken all this money in….look at his last e-mail that was exposed by your colleague, Darrell Issa, from the Hunter laptop, and it basically shows Jim Biden trying to lobby the Khatari’s, saying “My family could provide a wealth of introductions and business opportunities at the highest levels” and here you are, telling us about the art, what arrogance! How much more arrogance can one have after all this that has been exposed in a laptop that you could actually begin becoming President and having your son do artwork that you sell to the Chinese, still continuing that influence peddling, even while he’s a sitting President.”

    Comer: “It’s sickening and, again, where was the FBI in all of this? That e-mail shows that his family was engaged in influence peddling. There’s a lawsuit in KY now with the President’s brother where he was trying to sell his services to a healthcare start-up in Asheville, TN, that he could acquire seed capital from the UAE, so it’s not just China, Ukraine and Russia. It’s the middle east, too. All the places where Joe Biden has made huge mistakes – you can trace back to influence peddling by his family and that’s why it’s so important that we investigate Hunter Biden because he has probably compromised this administration, and the American people deserve better.”

    Maria: “Yeah, and Tony Bobulinski told me that their next sights were on Columbia, Brazil, and that part of the world, so they were not stopping at all. Congressman, thank you – we will continue following your very, very important work – we will see you soon.”

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  3. I’ve registered so I’ll get a link to the entire movie e-mailed to me – I will post it here, if possible.

    Starting October 18th, The Real Anthony Fauci movie will go live. It will be free to watch until October 27th. You have 10 days to watch the film and invite your family and friends to join you.

    Hope this link to the trailer will work:

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  4. a so called charity–supposedly set up to help victims of hurricane Ian–is actually a funnel to act blue and dem candidates in florida..
    However, the real scandal emerged when the phony charity scam was exposed.

    DeSantis War Room pointed to research by the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee that shows donations to something called the Florida Ian Response Fund — or IanResponse.org.

    Donations made to Florida Ian Response Fund went instead to ActBlue, a website that aggregates contributions for Democratic candidates.

    The site began raising money on Sept. 29, even as Ian had weakened to a tropical storm and was headed out of the state.

    The GOP Senate committee noted that searching for Florida Ian Response Fund in the Check-A-Charity database managed by the state Agriculture and Consumer Services Department yielded no results.

    In addition, the Republican Senate group noted, “Florida Ian Response Fund is ‘not tax deductible’ and that it is actually housed at ‘Organize Action,’ a 501(c)4 tax-exempt dark money organization.”

    Money given to true charities would be able to be claimed as tax-exempt contributions.

    The suggestion is that Florida Ian Response Fund is a veiled disguise to raise money for Florida Rising.

    “As Floridians continue to rebuild and recover, we strongly urge those who want to help to give to reputable organizations positioned to help people, not political organizations using this money ‘to win elections and change laws,’” the Republican Senate committee said in a statement.

    DeSantis War Room added on Twitter “DISGUSTING: After Hurricane Ian made landfall, Democrat anti-police group Florida Rising began fundraising off of the catastrophic storm.

    “They pushed donors to ianresponse.org, claiming to be ‘for rebuilding & recovery after #HurricaneIan’ BUT donations went to ActBlue!”

    “’Ianresponse.org’ is NOT a registered charity,” DeSantis War Room added.

    “It’s a left-wing dark money activist fund.”


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  5. I am adding a short daily prayer to the board. I would invite each of you, if you wish, to also add one or maybe two of your own liking. I do not want to stifle anyone but please limit yourself to one or two religious postings. here’s one I found that I liked.


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