Use Your Noodle!

Summer is the perfect time to hit the dollar stores and load up on pool noodles! They are not just for toddlers in pools any more! They have many uses outside the pool–so stock up and use them everywhere!

Crutches: Noodles can be used to soften the hand and arm pit guides. Simply cut to the proper length and then make a slit.

Kneeling Pad: Noodles can used to kneel on in the garden. Cut them in pieces to increase the usage from one noodle.

Fill a bucket with water: If your sink is too shallow for a proper bucket to fit in, use a noodle.

Create a floating drink bucket for a pool: You’ll need a plastic bin, a noodle and yarn. Cut 2 sections of the noodle in the length of the bin and 2 the width of the bin. Thread the yarn through the pieces and tie.

Hold your plants up!

Paintbrush holder: Cut pieces of the noodle to fit on one or more sides of a paint bucket.

Make a cake-pop stand.

Use a noodle to hang items in the garage. Cut one side flat and glue to the wall. Cut slits into the noodle to create the hanging openings.

Make a disposable squeegee. You’ll need something with a handle–like a rake.

Make your outdoor furniture more comfortable.

Make Halloween witch legs.

Create backyard fun! Bend the pool noodle into a racket shape, cover the noodle with a mesh bag (like fruit comes in) and duct tape the bottom. Use a water balloon to bat back and forth.

Create a camping bathroom. You’ll need a bucket, a noodle, and a plastic bag.

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    1. I will watch in the am! thanks!

      oh, yeah…that SKULL cake??? OMG!!
      her technique has developed so much!

      and the alphabet letters? what patience she has!

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  1. Yikes

    Analysis of federal data conducted by ABC News showed that more Covid-19 deaths occurred among the vaccinated, and more breakthrough deaths are expected with more Americans reaching full vaccination status, experts warned.

    According to the new analysis, about 18.9% of COVID-19 deaths recorded were among the vaccinated in August 2021. After six months, in February 2022, the number of deaths increased to more than 40%.

    Not only that the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine effectiveness wanes after four months, but it also posed a life-threatening complication to people who received it.

    Its via TGP via ABC news but those numbers are telling

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    country singer Morgan Wallen pays for tickets, uniforms, hotels, souvenirs, everything for the local youth team to go to their world Series in South Carolina…awesome gesture!!!!
    entire article

    The Humphreys County Dixie League Team from Tennessee recently won their state championship, clinching a berth in the league’s World Series in South Carolina.

    Normally, youth league teams have to go through fundraising efforts to ensure they can afford the trip to wherever the site happens to be.

    This time though, the Humphreys County team received some welcome news from a generous benefactor.

    Country music star Morgan Wallen heard about the team’s success and jumped up to help. According to the new report, not only is Wallen paying for their travel expenses, he’s going further and providing more financial help:

    “The “You Proof” singer, a former baseball player himself, is covering the cost of new uniforms, travel, food, and more for the team”

    “Morgan covered their room and board, their experiences, you know, souvenirs. They’re not going to want for anything,” assistant Coach Steven Wilson told Music Mayhem. ‘I can’t explain how much it actually helped these kids after what they’ve been through.’”

    The gesture is even more impactful since the team comes from the region that was heavily impacted by huge flooding that’s displaced them from schools and their normal routines.

    For his part, Wallen explained he’s a huge baseball fan and wanted to show his support for their story:

    “So, your story is just inspiring, it’s inspired me, it’s made me proud especially since you’re from the same area as me,” Wallen continued. ‘I really am proud of y’all. I also played baseball for a really long time in my life, it’s my favorite sport and teamwork is everything. My team nowadays is my band and crew and from my team to yours we want to send y’all to South Carolina and we also want to wish y’all the best. Hope y’all have a great time and we hope you win and we’ll be cheering y’all on from right here in Tennessee. Good luck!’”


  7. AWESOME! arsonist sets fires in a remote section of Oregon–locals find out. they put out the fires and subdue the arsonist by tying him to a tree…apparently he got injured “somehow” in the process…LOL
    According to police reports, a Bureau of Land Management official contacted police shortly before 2 p.m. local time on Monday afternoon to report seeing a white male walking along a gravel path and setting fires in a forested area near Mariel Lodge and Rogue River Ranch in the southwest corner of the state. Federal, state, and county agencies immediately sprang into action to contain the fires and apprehend the suspect.

    However, the area where the suspect was spotted is so remote, police say, that it can be reached only via the Rogue River or by utilizing BLM roads. So accessing the burned areas and locating the suspect would likely be difficult.

    Luckily, some local residents got wind of the reports of arson and decided to help law enforcement and fire services. Some residents doused the fire, while three residents spotted the suspect walking on the road near the fires and managed to place him under citizen’s arrest.

    The Curry County Sheriff’s Office reported that the man — later identified as Trennon Smith of Veneta, Oregon — “became very combative” during the encounter with the three residents. So, the three tied Smith to a tree “to subdue him” until law enforcement arrived.

    Because Smith reportedly injured himself in a fall during the incident, authorities transported him by ambulance to Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass, Oregon, approximately 25 miles away. Smith was treated for his injuries and then discharged to the care of officials at the Curry County Jail.


  8. I am adding a short daily prayer to the board. I would invite each of you, if you wish, to also add one or maybe two of your own liking. I do not want to stifle anyone but please limit yourself to one or two religious postings. here’s one I found that I liked.


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